Casino Software

Casino Software and Internet Gambling

Internet gambling was first introduced in the mid of the 90s and since its debut, it has been growing rapidly and doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. It is considered one of the fastest growing industries and markets in the world. With the technology we have today and the high speed internet. Online punters don’t have anything to worry about as they indulge their online gambling needs. The only thing that concerns online punters is the type of software that they should use and which casino to play at. So in this article, we are going to discuss the different options of software available online and their pros & cons. With this guide you are guaranteed to find the software that is suitable for you.

Microgaming Casino Software

The first one is Microgaming. This software developer can be considered as the first company to open a gaming site online and since then, they have been growing and becoming stronger. Microgaming produces and develops software and gaming content that is considered the top notch content in the online gaming industry. All of its games and software use state of the art technology and high quality graphics to give the players and the users the ultimate gambling experience. Even the download edition is as amazing as the rest of the software provided by Microgaming. In terms of online gaming, they have it all, the whole package. There is really nothing negative to be said about Microgaming software.

Playtech Casino Software

The second software developer that we are going to discuss is Playtech. Playtech was established 12 years ago, back in 2000. Since its establishment and it have been growing rapidly and doing their best in order to play a huge role in the world of internet gaming. They are known for their games that has quality sound effects and graphics. Those upsides get countered by two major downsides. The first one is that the releasing of new gaming content to their gaming platform is somehow behind other companies. The second downside is that it does not accept players from the U.S. This is why Playtech is one of the best choices for players who don’t live in the United States.

Realtime Gaming

The third software developer is Realtime Gaming. Realtime Gaming is known to be one of the best software developers when it comes to progressive slot machines. Their slot games are known for having their jackpot hit more than other content providers. The only downside about Realtime Gaming is that the no download edition has poor quality of graphics and sound effects. They get the job done, but the quality is not that good.


The fourth one to be discussed is Cryptologic. This casino software developer has been in the scene of online gambling since the get go. It is considered the grandfather of the business. Cryptologic is a very well reputed and a trustworthy company and it worked hard in order to earn such reputation. The amazing thing about their games is that they release a lot of games and they do not obligate the users to download the games that they don’t want. They are always releasing new gaming content and software and updating them regularly to make sure that the user is getting what he deserves. The only downside of Cryptologic is their instant play editions of their arsenal of games. They are not as interesting and exciting as other games.


The fifth company is WagerWorks. It didn’t start out as a software developer, but it starts as a subsidiary to a brick and mortar firm that created slot games. WagerWorks is the only online internet gambling firm that started this way. After the parent firm got acquired, they started to devote their resources to the eGaming market. It only provides its customer with instant play games.

Vegas Technology

The sixth software developer at hand is Vegas Technology. It is considered one of the biggest players in the online gambling market of the Unites States of America. They are also known for having the fastest download games and initial download in the market. They also update and upgrade their software and games on a regular basis, at least once a month. They do this in order to ensure the quality of their games and the satisfaction of their clients.

Top Game Technology

The Seventh software developer is Top Game Technology. It is one of the newcomers who recently entered the world of online gambling. Despite that, they have entered the market with full power as their games are known for the great graphics and easy to customize sound effects. They also present a wide variety of 3D games which makes them stand out from the other developers. They also make sure to update and upgrade their content on a regular basis. The only downside is that Top Gaming Technology doesn’t offer instant play games but beside that, it is one of the best developers out there.

Wizard Gaming

The eighth company is Wizard Gaming. It is also a newcomer to the world of internet gaming but it also forced its way into it with brute force. The graphic effects and sounds of the slot machines provided by Wizard Gaming are considered as one of the best in the business. They are also keen to update their games and software regularly. The only downside of Wizard Gaming is that they don’t offer variety in their games and content.


Last but not least, Rival. It is also one of the latest entrants in the world of internet gambling but they managed to make a strong entry with their amazing games and software. One of the pros about this company is that the equality of the graphics and the sound effects are amazing, in both, the download version and the online version.

Of course, this review of the pros and cons of the software developers only discussed a few of them. The internet is filled with more companies and software developers other than the 9 companies mentioned here.