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1983 Upper Water Street, Halifax, NS B3J 3Y5, Canada
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Halifax and Casino Nova Scotia for a holiday with no predictability to it

Halifax in Nova Scotia offers the visitors tons of things to do at any time of the year. There are activities that you can enjoy at Halifax in Nova Scotia all year round so whatever time of the year you plan to come to this place you will have ample of things to do and enjoy.

It is pretty easy to be able to reach Halifax in Nova Scotia from the Halifax Stanfield International Airport. The city of Halifax in Nova Scotia offers you one of the most romantic and fascinating of night skyline. You will be able to spend hours together looking at the lights shine on in the night and turn the place into a fairytale.

Casino Nova Scotia in Halifax

Halifax Stanfield International

There are plenty of places that a tourist to Halifax in Nova Scotia can go to. You can start of by visiting the statue of Edward Cornwallis who is the Founder of Halifax.

The most fascinating thing that you can see is the Sambro Island Lighthouse that was built during the war way back in the year 1758. It is a wonderful place to be able to spend some time. It is an extremely popular tourist spot as it has been shown in several Hollywood movies as well. The next thing that you could do at Halifax in Nova Scotia is to go around and look at the colorful houses that are one of a kind. You can also go on to be able to visit the Halifax Citadel.

The Citadel that you get to see now is the new one and it was made in the year 1856. Before the present citadel that you see out here there were three others built by the British? The Citadel at Halifax in Nova Scotia is considered to be a national landmark as it celebrates the role that this city played in the British Empire. This is a wonderful way of being able to bring to life the history. A visit to Halifax in Nova Scotia allows you to be able to experience firsthand how life in an Atlantic Canada’s largest urban city can be like.

The other places that you can visit while at Halifax in Nova Scotia are the Halifax Police Museum that will get you all the information that you need about the police department out here. Wanting to do something extra special then go shopping to the Halifax Shopping Centre. Still wanting to do something better in the evening then head straight to Casino Nova Scotia.

Casino Nova Scotia

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