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Cranbrook in British Columbia is that one place on earth that has everything in order to make it a good holiday spot. It is the perfect destination to go with your family and friends to. It has so much to offer the visitor by means of a great amount of fun activities, places to visit and just relax by spending quality time with the people who matter.

Cranbrook in British Columbia is a really pleasant and lively city that is situated strategically in the southern part of the Columbia Valley. Right behind it all around it has the Kootenays mountain peaks that form a fantastic backdrop.

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Cranbrook BC

The first thing that you must take yourself to is the Canadian Museum of Rail Travel. It can transport you in the most charming of ways to the history of rail travel. If engines and trains interest you then find out more about them out here. The next on your list should be the Fort Steele Heritage Park. It is close by to the Museum and gives you a taste and feel of how life can be on the frontier.

The other parks that you can visit while at Cranbrook in British Columbia are Moyie Lake Provincial Park that has boating and windsurfing along with facilities for swimming and fishing. You can also go to Wasa Lake Provincial Park which has plenty of athletes and viewers coming to it. There are several resorts that offer the best of winter sports to the visitors and these are St. Eugene Mission Golf Resort and the Cranbrook Golf Club. Cranbrook. Both of these have three ski resorts close by and makes for that perfect vacation in the snow enjoying winter sports.

Fun in Cranbrook

When looking for some real fun and enjoyment that you can enjoy indoors, then take yourself to Casino of the Rockies. It is right in between the BC Rockies and the St. Mary River. This gives it the most enchanting of locations. It is located within the St. Eugene Golf Resort and therefore has tons to offer the visitor. You will find that has the most fantastic of lounges to relax. The Casino of the Rockies has 200 slot machines that you can try your hand and luck at. Along with that there are plenty of table games and something of interest for everyone. The resort also has a golf course and several restaurants to make your trip a complete one.

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Casino of the Rockies is close by as it is located only about 5 minutes from the Cranbrook Airport. When you want a gaming experience like the one you haven’t had ever before, then you must take yourself to Casino of the Rockies. The games out here are described as incomparable and unless you try them out, you won’t know it. Think of any of your favorite game and you are bound to find it out here be it Blackjack or the various kind of poker games. Make yourself a handful on a wonderful holiday with the help of Casino of the Rockies.

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