Edmonton Casino

Edmonton Casino

Casino Edmonton is quite a prize in Edmonton, Alberta not only because of their prime locations, but also because of their attention to poker tournaments. The better part of every week at the Casino Edmonton holds some type of poker event. The real crowd pleaser is the poker tournament on the last Saturday of every month. Besides the great food and entertainment, Edmonton Casino boasts an incredible 863 slot machines. Quite a massive showing in slot machines, but don’t forget they also offer some great table games as well.

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Edmonton Casino is best known for their poker because they run a twelve table poker room that is open 24 hours. That can sure make for some late nights of playing poker or is it early mornings?

Edmonton Casino Alberta Canada


Casino Edmonton
7055 Argyll Road
Edmonton, Alberta T6C 4A5
(780) 463 – WINS (9467)
Doors Open 09:30AM