Regina and Casino Regina

Regina and Casino Regina


Regina in Saskatchewan rightfully gets its nickname called the Queen City. It is a place that has plenty to offer on a holiday and you will never find yourself wondering what to do next. It continues to remain an extremely important cultural and commercial hub in this part of the country and therefore goes on to attract tons of business people as well as tourists to it.

Regina in Saskatchewan

Regina in Saskatchewan can be reached from the Trans-Canada Highway which lies to its west. As you travel to Regina in Saskatchewan you will notice that the Regina Plain stretches for miles on end. You will find that this makes for a perfect spot to drive down as you enjoy the scenic beauty unfold in front of you.


The other noteworthy places to take you to are the central business district which consists of all the most important buildings and shopping malls. This is the place where you will actually get the nerve of the city and the place that most people come to. There is also the imposing legislative building to the right that you will find inspiring to look at and marvel.

After that you can visit the Corner of South Railway Street which is also known as Saskatchewan Drive and Scarth Street which are the main regions of the city. You will find New Regina City Hall on these streets. It too is an imposing structure of modern architecture you will find in the town.


Once you have had too much of the commercial buildings and concrete jungle you can go to the Pond on Pilot Butte Creek which is situated in Spruce Meadows Park. This is the right place to unwind and take in the tranquility of nature all around you.


If you are wondering what you should do in the evening then what you need to do is to take yourself to the Casino Regina in Saskatchewan. This is the place where you can unwind and enjoy the most thrilling and exciting of games. This is the perfect spot to be able to meet other people be they locals or other travelers like you.

Casino Regina in Saskatchewan

Casino Regina in Saskatchewan ensures that all the people who come here get nothing but the best of first class gaming experience of the kind that they might not be able to get elsewhere. Casino Regina in Saskatchewan has so many unique features to it when you compare it to the others around. First of all, it is in a building that was the historic Union Train Station. Imagine having a casino in a National heritage at Casino Regina in Saskatchewan. It brings to the player the most breathtaking amounts of action that will have them enjoying one thrill after another. The Casino Regina in Saskatchewan is open on all day’s right from 9 in the morning until 4 at dawn. This gives you the longest hours of play.