Regina and West Meadows Raceway

Regina and West Meadows Raceway

Regina in Saskatchewan offers most tourists a wonderful opportunity to be able to see this part of the country.ReginainSaskatchewanhas been attracting to itself an increasingly huge number of tourists not only from overseas but within the country as well.

The reason for this is the amount of things that it has on offer for the tourist.

Regina in Saskatchewan

Regina in Saskatchewan offers one an experience of the rich cultural heritage that you will find out here. Another thing that most tourists love about it is the incredible spectacular countryside that unfolds right in front of your eyes.

Regina in Saskatchewan provides one with a heady mix of the traditional architecture, the most modern of buildings and nature all around. You will love this kind of contrast thatReginainSaskatchewangoes on to offer the traveler. The diversity thatReginainSaskatchewanoffers one in the surroundings is something that you are bound to enjoy.


If you have been searching for the right kind of tourist destination for a romantic getaway for the two of you or an entire family holiday for yourself, then you will love what you find here.


The Prairies in the backdrop make for a wonderfully fantastic way to take you hiking, river rafting or on undiscovered trails of nature walk. When you go to the downtown side of Regina in Saskatchewan you will find that it has plenty of retail therapy in the form of more than 700 shops.


If you want to feel the thrilling excitement of trying out your hand at the games then go to West Meadows Raceway inReginainSaskatchewan. The way it is located is strategic and extremely easy to access as it is only two miles away from the international airport. Therefore, even if you have little time on you, then you can have a quick bout of the action at West Meadows Raceway before you go on to catch your flight.

Meadows Raceway

If you have racing in your blood or one to try out your hand at it while on holiday, then West Meadows Raceway in Regina in Saskatchewan is just the right place to do so.


The place has been designed according to the inspiration gained from the Delaware County Fair Grounds in Ohio. This has gained popularity as the best ever half mile tracks in the world and can offer you a fantastic experience for sure. You can get close to the horses up here and not only admire their beauty but go on to bet on the right ones and get back the money that you have invested in the holiday.


West Meadows Raceway in Regina in Saskatchewan makes for a wonderful destination as it has lots going for it. You can get yourself free admission and there is ample of parking that is not charged for. You will feel the adrenaline pumping excitement as the gates are opened and the horses race out.