Richmond River Rock Casino Resort

Richmond and River Rock Casino Resort offer a heady package to the visitor

Richmond in British Columbia offers the visitor a wonderful holiday package that has everything rolled into it. No matter what you are looking for a holiday out here, you are bound to find it at Richmond in British Columbia. The good thing about this place is that it has on offer one of the most diverse and multi-cultural feel to it. The place is dynamic and has a unique tempo of its own. It is traditional and modern at the same time.

Richmond and River Rock Casino

Richmond British Columbia

Richmond in British Columbia attracts lots of tourists and the number is growing every year as this is the place that is only a mere 20-minute drive south of downtown Vancouver.
The other thing that makes Richmond in British Columbia a wonderful getaway is that it has 17 islands in the mouth of the Fraser River. These offer some of the most fascinating and adventurous things to do on a holiday.

There are several wonderful shopping and dining options that you will find at Richmond in British Columbia. Besides that you have the most wonderful places to visit. If you want to find out more about the maritime fishing roots then you need to go to Steveston. Then, there is the 1894 built Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site that is right on the waterfront and has the most wonderfully enthralling museum of all times. You are going to love the interactive displays on everything about fishing, boats and the different kinds of fish. There is also the Britannia Heritage Shipyard which is a National Historic Site. It has plenty of heritage works linked with boats on display.

The other place to go to while at Richmond in British Columbia is Steveston’s Japanese-Canadian Cultural Centre. It gives you all the information that you want about Japanese language and arts courses.

River Rock Casino Resort

Once you are done with your bit of sightseeing and shopping for the day and want a breather then go to the River Rock Casino Resort. This is the place whereby you are bound to find the most fantastic of deals. You can even opt to stay at the River Rock Casino Resort and hop over to the casino to try your luck at the tables. You never know when lady luck might smile on you and you will be able to walk away with the highest jackpot of the day or month.

The River Rock Casino Resort has everything on offer for the holidaymaker under one roof. You will love the ambience of the resort and it gets carried over on to the casino as well. This is the most chilled out casino wherein you can meet and make a lot of friends and money. There are so many promotions that are regularly conducted at the River Rock Casino Resort that you will surely be able to be a part of a few on your holiday. This is one place that offers you blood thumping thrills and exhilaration.


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