Thunder Bay and OLG CasinoThunder

Thunder Bay and OLG Casino Thunder Bay offers the best holiday deal for everyone

Thunder Bay is the place that offers one the great outdoors as a fabulous holiday destination. You will love the holiday deals that are available for Thunder Bay. it offers one several wonderful attractions to visit and the best of adventures sports be it in the summer or winter.
If you like nature, then Thunder Bay has the most magnificent and spectacular of views. You can take yourself to the Eagle Canyon which is breathtaking at first sight. Then, when at Thunder Bay you can also go to the Kakabeka Falls which are the most stunning and impressive of waterfalls this side of town.

Thunder Bay and OLG Casino Thunder

Why not take your family and you for a sailing trip on the tranquil waters of Lake Superior. This can be one afternoon that you spend away from technology and with quality time for oneself and your family. There is the most wonderful of golf courses and game to be experienced at the Whitewater Golf Club. If more of water sports is what interests you then at Thunder Bay you will find enough of these and the adventurous and different ones like snowmobiling, kayaking, skiiing and canoeing.

OLG Casino Thunder

There are plenty of art galleries and museums at Thunder Bay that you can take yourself to. At times the best of musical shows and events are held here and if you are lucky you can be a part of them while on your holdiay to Thunder Bay. In the early evening you can go to the Fort William Historical Park. This is in fact one of the world’s prime reconstructed fur trade post and will take you back in time like none other. You will be able to experience how life was during that time and what hardships people had to face to survive. Also, you will be able to understand about the way the fur trade was carried on.

Late in the evening, you can go to OLG CasinoThunder Bay. This is the place wherein you will be able to enjoy the best of games that will leave you wanting for more. It certainly is built and maintained in order to be able to provide the player and visitor a far more superior and better experience than what is to be found at other casinos. It allows one to be able to have fun at the best in class slot machines and gaming tables. The theme at the OLG CasinoThunder Bay is based on northwestern Ontario setting.

You can be a part of plenty of exciting games at the OLG CasinoThunder Bay as there are 450 exhilarating slot machines where you can play even for a dollar. There are several progressive games as well as jackpots to be won. This offers you the most fascinating of wins and a chance to be able to go back home with your pockets filled. Try your hand at the newly introduced games or your old time favorites.