Popular Online Casino Canadian Deposit Methods

Online Casino Canadian Deposit Methods

Providing online casino gambling facilities to Canadian citizens is a bit tricky for web-based casino operators. Internet gambling in Canada is legal only if conducted via the website maintained by a government-controlled gaming corporation, designated by a Canadian provincial government. Still, the Kahnawake tribal region in Canada allows Internet gambling for as long as the providers of casino games observe the principles of fair play and responsible gaming, and that the online players receive their winnings.

Although credit and debit cards are quite popular as payment methods because of global availability, most Canadian online casino players course their casino deposits directly through local banks and Canada-based financial service facilities. This is in line with most Canadian players’ preference to play at online casinos that accept deposits in Canadian dollars. Such option allows them to make casino deposits without the need to pay for foreign currency conversion charges.

Citadel Direct – Online casinos offer this option to Canadian players as a quick method of placing deposits in their casino account. An Internet casino offering this banking option, maintains a merchant account with Citadel Commerce, which is a financial service provider headquartered in Canada and with global offices in UK and Malta. Canadian players can choose from any of the local Canadian banks designated by the system and by the online casino. Online players, on the other hand, choose the local bank where they maintain their own deposit account, which they can access via the online payment platform provided by Citadel. The payment platform receives casino deposits placed by the Canadian players, records the transaction in favor of their affiliated online casino and transfers the money to the online casino’s bank account, all in real time.

InstaDebit is an online payment service provided in real time by Instadebit services, which also operates in Canada and uses a business model that is similar to Citadel.  It caters mostly to Canadian online players and online casinos maintaining bank accounts linked to Canadian banking institutions that have branches or offices throughout the 32 countries covered by Instadebit’s financial services.

UseMyBank  -The financial service provided by UseMyBank is similar to a billing system that processes all payment transactions attributed to an online casino’s merchant bank account, which the latter maintains in any of the branches or affiliated banking institutions of a particular Canadian bank. UseMyBank utilizes an electronic bill payments system that aggregates all funds received on a weekly basis before crediting the amount attributable to each of their member merchant/casino account.

900Pay – This is a payment system created by Navaho Network, a Canadian firm offering electronic fund transfer (EFT) systems and services, to mostly Canadians and some U.S. citizens. Inasmuch as the 900 number is a “pay-per-call” service to which toll fees may include additional charges based on call completion, the financial service provider incorporates the amount of purchase payment or financial transactions in the EFT sender’s phone billing statement. However, the sender has to have a prior payment arrangement with the Canadian EFT provider, as this allows the latter to collect the amount of money transferred to a merchant or an online casino’s account.