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Olympic themed Free Slot Games

The 27th of July is a big day, as the 30th Olympic Games that is going to be held in England, London will commence on that day. This is why it is expected that online gaming software developers will start to offer new slot games that are based on the Olympic Games throughout the upcoming month. Until the new games are released, here is a small review of some of the existing online slot games that are already available at a variety of online casinos.

Realtime Gaming’s Medal Tally

Medal Tally was released by Realtime Gaming four years ago, right before the Olympic Games in 2008. In this slot game, the users will be obligated to enable all the paylines and bet a total of one dollar. Of course, since it is themed around the Olympic Games, it has symbols such as the cyclist, the Olympics stadium and the athlete. A Set of medals (bronze, gold and silver) are the wild symbol. This symbol offers the lucky players a jackpot win that is worth ten thousand coins.

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Golden Games by Playtech

Golden Games is offered by Playtech, one of the leading software developers in the realm of eGaming. This game is a twenty five payline slot machine. This game includes 3 special and unique symbols. The discus thrower that represents the scatter symbols that offers scatter rewards. The Golden Games logo that represents the wild symbol that offers a jackpot win that is worth ten thousand coins. Lastly, the bonus symbol which is represented by the Olympic flame. If this symbol appears on the 1st and the 5th reel simultaneously, the player will get awarded a total of twenty free spins.

Queens and online slot games

Since Britain celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II earlier this month, it would be the suitable time to talk about the various online slot games that are based and themed around queens. One of the most famous online slot queens, if not the absolute famous one is Queen Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt. This is due to the fact that almost every software developer has an online slot game with her name on it, if not more than one.

Cleo Queen of Egypt

For instance, Cryptologic offers Cleo Queen of Egypt. This game captures the environment of Egypt by using suitable graphics and pictures. Every Cryptologic slot machine has to have a wild symbol and this game is no different as it has the sensuous Cleopatra as its wild symbol. In order to capture the culture of ancient Egypt, it has the pyramid as its scatter symbol. This symbol doesn’t only offer scatter payouts but it also enables the player to play a bonus game. In This bonus game the lucky player will get to choose different icons in order to win amazing rewards. Of course Cryptologic uses more than just the pyramid in order to capture the ancient Egyptian culture as the game includes other symbols such as the eye of Horus, Ankh, Anubis and a mummy.

Cleo Queen of Egypt is also a Jackpot online machine as each payline in the game represents an independent progressive jackpot. The player would win the progressive jackpot if 5 Cleopatra symbols appear for him on one of the active paylines.

Russian themed online slot games

Online slot games that are based on a Russian theme are not that popular but according to reports, online gambling and e-gaming is growing in Russia and it is becoming more and more popular. This is why it is expected that this will lead to an increase in the number of the online Russian gamblers. This increase will force the software developers and providers to focus more on Russian themed online slot games in order to satisfy the needs of the Russian players. This does not mean that there is not any online slot games based on a Russian Theme. So here are two of the most famous games that are Russian themed.

Days of the Tsar Slot by Microgaming

Microgaming, one of the leading software developers in the world of online gambling offers an online slot game called Days of the Tsar. This game aims to bring the era of imperious Czar back to life. It achieves that by having the all the reels bordered in gold and the background is the beautiful skyline of Moscow. The wild symbol is imperious Czar himself. It offers an amazing jackpot payout that equals ten thousand dollars.

Russian Attack by Top Game

It is a known fact that after the era of Czar, Russia became a communist country and became one of the strongest countries in the world. Top Game offers a game that is based around this era. The game is called Russian Attack. It is a classic 3 reels and 3 paylines slot machine. Its background is red as it represents the communist regime. The background also includes the Kremlin blending in with the skyline of Moscow.

Boxing Themed Free Slot Games

Online slot machines that are themed around boxing are very few. The amazing thing is that they contain a wide variety despite being few. For instance, there are video slot machines such as Fighting Fish that is provided by Microgaming. There are fruit machines such as Fruit Fight by Cryptologic. There are the branded free slots such as Rocky which is developed by Playtech and finally, there are i-slot machines such as Heavyweight Gold by Rival Gaming. In this article, we are going review two of them.

Starting with the Microgaming video slot game that is called Fighting Fish. It is a video slot that represents a battle between a blue fish & a red fish and the referee is a crab. The red and the blue fish represent the wild symbol. When the blue one appears on the 4th reel and the red one appears on the 2nd reel, they instantly cover the rest of the reels and the battle between them starts. The player will then get to pick one of the two sides and will earn 3 free spins. If the fish he chooses wins the fight, he will get doubled payouts during the free spins that he has earned.

As for the branded game, Rocky, it is provided by Playtech. It is themed around the Rocky saga by Sylvester Stallone. The wild symbol is presented by Stallone’s Rocky and other characters from the movie as well. If the lucky players get them in a victorious combination, scenes from the movie will be played.

Magical Themed FreeSlots Games

Fairies are very popular and that they have earned their place on the name title of many online slot machines.  Many software developers have provided online gambling casinos with fairy themed slot machines and other creatures that are linked to them. Here are some of the most popular online slot games that are themed around fairies.

The first game is Fairy Magic that is developed and provided by Playtech. In order to capture the spirit of the fairies and the mystery around them and the creatures that surrounds them, the symbols include a toadstool, a squirrel and a leprechaun. It also has a wild symbol, the unicorn. If this symbol is stacked on the reels it awards the lucky player a jackpot win of ten thousand coins. Now onto the most interesting and unique feature of this game, it is called the Collective Bonus. This feature occurs when the fairy appears to a player on any of the reels. When she does that, she lifts her wand in the air and creates a star under that reel. When the user gets 4 stars under the same real, he will earn a bonus reward that is equal to 4 times the total wager and will also earn 5 free spins with doubled rewards.

Another fairy themed slot game is Enchanted Garden that is developed by RealTime Gaming. The wild symbol of this game is none other than the fairy princess, if she appears on any reels during winning combos, the player will earn doubled payouts. One of the main features of the game is that it provides lucky players with a progressive jackpot payout that is triggered randomly.

Animal Themed Slot Games

One of the most popular bears in the world of comics is Yogi Bear. His adventures with the park ranger are known to everyone. Although there hasn’t been any online slot games that are themed around Yogi Bear directly but many games are themed around bears that resemble Yogi Bear.

For instance, there is a game called Bonus Bears that is developed by Playtech. The reels represent a park that resembles Jellystone to a very high extent. There are many special symbols. The honey pot is one of them. Also the wild symbol is represented by the bear. When the bear symbol takes part in winning combos, the bear starts to dance but it doesn’t give out any rewards, same is with the honey pot. The scatter symbol is the bee hive and it provides the players with scatter rewards if two or more of these symbols appear. The game also includes a variety of thematic symbols. For instance, the ranger will offer the players the biggest line reward of five thousand coins. Also, if the bear appears on the second, the third and the forth reel simultaneously, the player will earn a total of fifteen free spins and all the payouts are multiplied by three.

One of the amazing features of Bonus Bears is the Honey feature. This feature gets triggered if 3 or more beehive symbols appear. The lucky player will then get to pick one of 5 trees that the bear will climb. Payouts are awarded to the player for every honey pot that the bear locates.

Fruit Machines 

One of the most famous and popular kinds of 3 reel slot machine is the fruit machine. People who are already into this kind of game can’t get their hands off it. So if you haven’t tried it, you are advised to go ahead and give it a try and you will not regret it. If you don’t know which one to try first, it is advised that you try Cryptologic’s Fruit Fight.

Fruit Fight is provided by the software developing titan, Cryptologic. This game contains 3 rows of symbols across its reels while having one payline that runs across its middle center. Players can bet on this game using 3 sizes of coins. The coin sizes are ¼ dollar, ½ dollar or one dollar. This game is themed around the world of boxing. This is why its symbols include the bell, gloves, sevens and stars. The game offers a pretty interesting feature.

If a player earns a payout, he can either claim it or use it to wager it in a Hi Lo game and if he guesses it right, he will take one step on the cash ladder. Then he will be presented with a choice, either to claim it or to play the Hi Lo again and so on. Although it is very rewarding but it is very risky as well because if the player makes the wrong guess, he will lose his payout and he will go back to the normal game once again. This is not all, as there are many features and rewards that can be enjoyed and earned while playing Fruit Fight. This game is available at all the online casinos ran by Cryptologic such as VIP Casino and InterCasino.

Slots Featuring Different Time Periods

Different time periods bring certain memories and thoughts to one’s mind. For instance, when people mention the 40s and the 50s, people think of the rebuilding process and the hardship. When the 60s is mentioned, people would think about the happiness after the war and the introduction of the hippie movement. This concept has been picked up by the developers of online gaming software, especially Rival Gaming in its i-slot Psychedelic Sixties.

Psychedelic Sixties captures the environment of the 60s by having florescent lights with different colors in the background of the game. Of course to fully capture the essence of this time period, the symbols on the reels include female & male hippies, the peace sign, flower power and the love logo.  These symbols from the sixties come to life and become animated when they are a part of a winning combo. The music at the background is none other than a guitar strumming. The wild symbol is the love logo in the heart, although it only appears on the 1st three reels but when it does, it multiplies the rewards according to the number of the wild symbols that appeared on the reels.

Apart from the 60s, there are games that represent other time periods such as the 80s. This period is represented in the Rival Gaming slot that is called So 80s. The wild symbol is the joystick. This wild symbol offers an amazing jackpot win of five thousand coins and it also multiplies the rewards by three.

One of the most popular kinds of slots is Bonus slots. Bonus slot are basically video slot machines that offer the players a chance to play a bonus game on the secondary display screen. Video slot games that are based upon popular sports integrate amazing visual effects with an entertaining side bonus game that requires the player to do more than simply selecting sides or objects. By using amazing graphics and animations, the games simulate some of the important aspect of the sport that the slot is themed around.

Sports Themed Free Slots

Since the 2012 Euro has just started, it would be suitable to talk about a video slot machine based around football. We are going to talk about one of the video slots provided by Ash Gaming, it is called Sensible Soccer.

The bonus game for this slot machine simulates the UEFA Champions League. Players can also choose to see highlights of the best goals and some of the near misses. As the team that the player chose progresses and claims victories in the simulated tournament, the more rewards that the player will earn. Better teams will have a higher chance of claiming more victories, but better teams have lower rewards.

The progressive jackpot is hit when the team that the player chose scores 10 or more goals in one round. So this kind of games doesn’t only give the player the chance to choose a side, but it integrates the sport itself into the bonus game.

Comprehensive Slots Gaming Guide


Slot machines have long been a staple fixture of many casinos operating throughout the world. It is no surprise that many online casinos have brought in their own variations on classic slot designs. Some players will want to check out how these online slot games can work for them, since it can be an exciting way to spend their time. These slot games have been programmed to function much like the machines in real life. In fact, advancing technology is actually blurring the lines between physical machines and slot games that are played in an online environment. This has created a great opportunity for players to check out the services available to them throughout the world.Fundamentals Behind Online Slot Games

There are a few features that players should expect to try if they want to learn about these slot games. Most players will be impressed by how simple it is to place bets on these types of games. They will almost immediately be able to place a few different bets that will help them get in to the way the game is played. Some players may be generally impressed by the different types of slot games that they can play this way as well. Many people will want to quickly learn about the basic slot rules that they can learn from these games. This will help make sure that players are adept and capable of taking on many different types of challenges.

Pay Tables

There are a few different types of pay tables that people can expect to try if they want to learn more about these slots. This is a basic piece of information, which players should understand before they opt to take on different types of games. There are a few different players that may be interested in learning the basics of how these pay tables work for slots. The idea is that they will offer people a basic understanding of how the game will tend to play out. Some people will want to go for slot games that will tend to offer the highest overall payouts as well. This will help them make sure that they are getting the most for their money with these games.

Pay Lines

These pay lines are another integral component of understanding slots gaming. Some people will be interested in checking out the different types of features that they can expect to get from these games. They should review their choices when it comes time to play these games. There are a few different options becoming available to people who want to try out pay lines for themselves. They may want to check for basic slot machines that will offer vertical or horizontal pay lines. These will make the most sense for players who may be somewhat new to the basic idea of playing these games. More experienced players will want to check out how they can actually get pay lines that will go in diagonal or zig-zag patterns.

Slot Machine Betting

This is typically the topic that most new players want to understand before they try out online gambling. This is because placing bets will help players determine whether they are actually generating the revenue that they need going forward. They should check out the pay tables and try to tabulate what bet will give them the best reward. Some players may want to allocate their bets during online gambling carefully. This will help make sure that they are generating the returns that they want to see when they are done playing. Some players may even want to test out these games and come up with a betting strategy that will maximize their earnings.

Bonus Features

Bonuses are typically appealing to many players, because it adds another element of chance to these games. This can increase the excitement that people get out of playing slot games. It can also make it more profitable for players to actually try out a slot game for an extended amount of time. Some bonuses will tend to pay out after winning consecutive rounds or generating specific features in the game itself. Players should be well versed in how a particular game will tend to generate bonuses, which will help them anticipate them over time.

Auto Play

The auto play function is an important component, because it can actually allow players to pick up the speed of their bets. When players set the auto play to go, the game will actually generate many different bets consecutively. This may be best left to experienced players, who will understand some of the challenges that they can get from the game. Novice players may want to test this out by using free slots. These free slots can give them the experience that they need to confidently execute the auto play function.

Bet Max

Understanding the bet max will help players adjust to any type of slot game that they encounter. Most players will want to try to maximize the revenue that they generate by playing these games. Some people have found that they can do this by utilizing the bet max feature. When they play online games, they can often toggle this option automatically. This will help many people place the bet max that they need, which is an important option for them to keep in mind.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive slot games have become increasingly popular over time. They have been featured in live casinos for some time now, but they are proving to be popular in the online environment as well. Many players have won a substantial amount of earnings when it comes to generating these jackpots. The system will effectively tabulate a certain jackpot based on the progressive amount of players for the game. The jackpot will continue to tabulate until a player hits a certain sequence. This will allow the player to cash in on the cumulative earnings that have been generated up to that point.