Play Craps

Craps introduction

Craps is a table game that is very famous and popular in both land based and internet casinos. It can hold up to 20 players on the same craps table and 4 staff members.

Although for online craps, there is no need for a live dealer or staff members to be present but some online gambling casinos would allow the players to play with each other on group tables in order to experience playing with other players.

What is craps all about?

Playing craps revolves around rolling dice while aiming for certain numbers. The shooter is the person who rolls the dice.

The first try is named the come out roll. If this initial roll comes out with a two, three, seven, eleven or twelve, the player loses and the round ends. On the other hand if the result is not one of the mentioned numbers, the number that appears is the point. Then the player will keep rolling until he reaches the point result or a seven.

The two famous wagers in Craps

The two most popular bets in Craps are called Pass Line & Don’t Pass Line. The first one, the Pass Line bet is a winning bet if one of two things happens. The first thing if the shooter rolls a seven or an eleven. The second thing if the player rolls the point result before he rolls a 7.

The other famous bet is the Don’t Pass Line bet. It is the exact opposite of the Pass Line Bet except that rolling a 12 is a tie and not a win.  If the shooter rolls a two or a three, Don’t Pass Line is the winning bet. If the player rolls a point and then rolls and doesn’t get a 7 then it is also a win.



Craps is a dice game that depends entirely on luck, it does not involve any skill or experience as players will solely bet on the outcome of the dice, which can’t be predicted. Of course, luck based games are the most popular casino games such as roulette and slots. Craps can be found in every single online based or land based casino in the world. At land-based casinos, players will find a table that has a lot of people around it screaming and throwing chips at the table, this table is the Craps table. The Craps version that is played at casinos is called Casino craps which is not a competitive game as players only place wagers against the casino or the house. On the other hand, there is another form of Craps that is called street Craps. In this version of Craps, players will place wagers against each other.

Casino Craps

As mentioned, Casino Craps is where players place bets against the house. The dealer who represents the house is called the “Stickman”. This is because he carries a stick that he uses in order to grab the dice or the chips. There is also more than one dealer at the craps table because a table of craps can have more than five players, so it needs more than one dealer to handle the bets.

The table has a green cover and high edges in order to prevent the dice from falling over the table. On the floor of the table, players will find all of the available wagers printed on it, like the roulette wagering area. In this area, players will place their chips on the wagers they want to bet on but there are some wagers that have to be called and the dealer has to accept them out loud, they are called service bets.

The Shooter is the person who has the dice, he is the player who will roll the dice while other players bet on the outcome of his dice rolls. The shooter position goes from one player to another according to the order of the play. The casino usually require the shooter to place a Pass or a Do Not Pass bet before being able to throw the dice and other casinos obligate all players at the table to make such bets before being able to place any wagers at the Craps table.

The come-out roll is the outcome of the 1st roll that the shooter will throw. There are bets that need more than one throw and there are some bets that only depend on the first roll.

The Craps Wagering Options

These wagers can be found at any Craps table, whether in an online or in a land based casino. There are three main types of wagers. The first ones are called Line Bets.

Line Bets are the two main wagers that are placed on the Craps table. These two wagers are entitled the Pass Line and the Do Not Pass Line. These bets can be settled from the first roll, the come out roll or they might need multiple rolls.

In the first one, the Pass Line bet. This wager will be a winning wager if the shooter rolls a dice total of eleven or seven in the first roll. On the other hand, it will be a losing wager if the shooter rolls a dice total of twelve, three or two. If the shooter rolls a dice total that is not equal seven, eleven, two, three or twelve, the value he rolled will be called the Point. The shooter will have to keep rolling the dice and if he rolls a seven before rolling a dice total that has the same value of the point, the wager will be a losing one but if he rolls it before the seven, it will be a winning bet.

The second bet, the Do Not Pass Line bet. It is the exact opposite of the Pass Line one but the only difference is that if the shooter rolls a twelve, it is a tie.

The second type of wagers does not involve a point or a come out roll since it depends on the dice total of the first roll only. In this wager, players will bet on specific totals. These are entitled the service bets and the dealer or the croupier has to accept them and place them himself after the players call them. If he responds, then the bet is taken, if he is busy and did not respond then it is not taken. These bets include:

Two: the player will wager that the total of the roll will be equal 2. This wager is also referred to as Snake Eyes.

Three: The player will wager that the total of the roll will be equal three. It is also referred to as Ace Deuce.

Yo: The player will bet that the total of the dice will be equal eleven.

There are also other wagers that focus on the numbers forming the total rather than the total itself. They are called the Multi Roll Bets because they are usually never settled from one dice roll only.

Hard Way Bets: In these bets, the player will wager that the shooter is going to roll a hard number (eight, four or two) before he rolls a seven. A Hard number means that the dice forming the number are a pair. For example, a Hard Two is 1 + 1, a Hard Eight is 4 + 4 and a Hard six is 3 + 3.

Easy Way Bets: In these bets, the player will wager that the dice shooter will roll an easy number (eight, four or two) before he rolls the seven. The easy way is the opposite of the hard way, so an easy six can be formed by 5 +1 or 4 +2 and an easy eight can be formed by 5 + 3, 7 +1 or 6 +2 and so on.