Problem Gambling

Recognizing Problem Gambling

Honestly answer these questions about your gambling habits:

Do you spend a great deal (two weeks or more) of time thinking about gambling, betting, planning gambling experiences or how to get gambling money?

Have there ever been times when you needed to gamble with larger denominations of money or with bigger bets than previously to get the same rush of excitement?

If you have thought about controlling or stopping your gambling, has it made you feel irritable or restless?

In the past, without success, have you tried to cut back, stop or control your gambling over three times during your life?

Do you or have you used gambling as an escape from feelings of guilt, depression, personal issues, feelings of helplessness or anxiousness?

Do you or have you, after losing money gambling, returned specifically to get back to even?

Have you mislead or purposely deceived anyone to mask the amount of money or time that you spend gambling at least three times in your recollection.

Ever taken money from anyone without their permission to pay for gambling or repay a gambling debt?

Does gambling cause issues in relationships with those around you such as loved ones, teachers or those you work with?

Have you had to request financial assistance from a lender, family or friends to get you out of a financial crisis caused wholly or in part by your gambling?

Are you ready to seek further help for problem gambling?  Please call the appropriate number to find assistance:

US: 1(800) 522-4700
Finland: 0800 100101
Germany: 01801 776611
Hong Kong: (852) 1834 633
Ireland: (01) 8721133
The Netherlands: 040-2519553
Norway: 800 800 40
Switzerland: 041 367 48 47
Sweden: 020 81 91 0
South Africa: 0800 006 008
Canada: 1-888-795-6111
Australia: 1-800-633-635