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Bet365 still remains one of the top Playtech online casinos with hundreds of games, great monthly progressive jackpots and an international clientele rivaled by none.  Bet365 has had its ups and downs since it was founded back in 2001, but it is one of the top names that continue to survive.  Bet365 is able to stay in the game because it constantly adapts to what players want.  When players asked for more live dealers, Bet365 came through.  In fact, Bet365 has live dealers for Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette and Sic bo.

Bet365 Bonuses

Bet365 offers more information about their bonuses and promotions on their website.

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Bet365 Licensing and Software

The Bet365 online casino is very stable in both the download version and the flash version.  At other casinos you may have noticed some lag with the online dealers, but Bet365 has always run smoothly for us and we have never had a dropped game because of lag from a live dealer game.

Bet365 Games

Now you should be made aware that there is a sizeable difference in the amount of games available between the Bet365 flash casino and the download casino.  There is actually a seventy game difference between the two platforms with the download version having over 150 games available.  If you don’t like to download casino software, maybe because you are an untrusting soul, have been hurt by mean software in the past; regardless of the reason, you have the option to stream the flash casino and still get in on the Blackjack, Slots, Roulette action including Live Dealers.

Bet365 Contact and Support

866 273-0934

+44 800-0288365 UK

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Bet365 Poker Review


The Bet365 Poker interface is available in 16 languages and the premiere in online poker sites with global popularity. The interactive interface is a wealth of valuable poker play options and hosts several features, promotions and competitive poker action. The increasing popularity gives players a real time experience to globe trot thought the portal and play in several formats with friends and competitors from around the world. The host of one of the largest gaming sites in the world provides a truly unique poker experience that is as addictive as the game itself.


The easy to navigate interface offers several features to novice players and has a spot for beginners to sit n play while working on their strategies and learning techniques with real cash. Several of the tables are reserved for new players only and helps them to develop their skillet quickly while interacting with other new comers to the popular Bet365 Poker site. The Beginner’s Cash Tables are available to new players for 90 days after they open their accounts and one will want to utilize the tools available to perfect their game before entering the poker arena with the big dogs.


The beginner tables will offer a variation of poker play and an array of affordable stake and pot size selections. You can visit the beginner’s table lobby to find the table that best fits your playing expertise and comfort cash level. The Poker Toolbox is also an inventive tool to help players build their skill levels and a section that helps one improve decisions when betting and offers a strong source for useful advice. The Poker Toolbox offers advice on how to manage your bankroll and helps you to gain new poker knowledge. The Toolbox includes a free of charge tool that is necessary to have on the tables, The Poker Pal.


The Poker Pal is an innovative software application that you download and is available during game play and hosts interactive tools that are available around the table. It can help you make intuitive decisions and is tracking your game play and offering helpful tips consisting of several elements that appear in the interface around the table. It is configured for applicable currencies and is compatible with multi-table play. Each element of the Poker Pal is configurable separately and can be customized to the layout of the suit of your preference and the elements automatically update as you switch between tables.


If you feel you may need a little more instruction to become the next poker expert and provide competitive play you can visit the Poker University which is fully animated with a complete audio soundtrack and takes only a couple of clicks to open the interactive portal. The popular Poker University offers several learning tools based on pot odds, bluffing situations and how to profile your opponent. The Poker University Portal offers lessons and divides the lessons into individual levels, which you will win, rewards upon completion. Hold’em basics is one lesson level and once you complete the quiz and pass you can be rewarded a tournament token of a 100 Euro for deposit on a new Freeroll which takes place every Wednesday. For completing an Advanced Strategy quiz with a passing grade, you are awarded 250 merit points, which you can use towards your choice of VIP rewards. The many tools available at the Poker University are very valuable for beginners and pros alike and can be utilized to grow your pot and compete in bigger tournaments and larger pot tables. The university has free courses and you can receive starting chips and unlimited rebuys.


Bet365 Poker offers cash play in three denominations of currency – dollars, euros and pounds. Several features of the portal will help you track live action and follow favored players and earn cash rewards as a VIP member. Cash Games and Sit & Gos are offered on some of there premium tables and can turn a fun game into a healthy win with big cash rewards. The VIP benefits offer rewards based on merit points and the more points you collect the bigger the pot you are able to claim. Tokens can be used for tournament buy-ins and qualifications for claiming your rewards are simple. Once you choose how you would like to receive your rewards and you are within the specified guidelines as a VIP level player for a minimum of three months then they are yours for the taking.


Several features of Bet365 Poker makes it a justly unique poker site with several variations of game play with winner and loyalty rewards. Their exclusive applications such as the Poker Pal and the Poker University are exceptionally intuitive and can create even the meekest of players to excel in the game and become a fierce competitor. While traveling around the world and competing with some of the biggest names in poker, make sure you have your Poker Pal ready to go and stomp out the competition to return with big cash prizes.


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