Betfair Casino Review

Why Betfair Online Casino?

The biggest reason I say play at the Betfair Casino is the Zero Lounge.  The concept may seem way out there when I describe it, but it is absolutely true – Betfair offers a casino where the house has no advantage.  That means that every game in the zero house edge portion of their casino returns one-hundred-percent to the player.  It either makes Betfair very smart or very crazy, but either way, the even odds really begs the question, why would you play any place else?

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How the Zero Lounge Works

The games in the Betfair Zero Lounge have been modified to take away the house advantage. Take Roulette for instance.  In roulette, the house gains a slightly better advantage over the player by adding zero and double zero.  In order to remove that house edge, the zeros are taken away and thus give back that advantage.  If you want to play red or black, instead of the house having a 2% advantage with zeros, red and black bets will now be pure fifty/fifty wagers.  Is the Z-lounge the only reason to play at Betfair?  No, but it’s an incredibly big reason to play there!

Betfair is the only online casino that has no house edge.  It is a huge selling point for professional and casual gamblers because it means better returns on investment for them.  With greater ROI, Betfair might have to payout more, but they’re clever re-design of how a casino should be, brings in thousands of new players each day.  When you are done downloading the software, have your account setup and have made your first deposit and collected your bonus, you’ll have the choice of going to the Main Lounge or the Zero Lounge.

The Main Lounge is what you’ve become accustomed to in terms of odds and a house advantage. The rules are standard as opposed to some of the differences that are offered in the Zero Lounge.  One reason that you might want to select the Main Lounge, is that the rules for Blackjack are standard.  If you have not yet become accustomed to some of the Zero Lounge rules for Blackjack, then you may want to stay in the Main Lounge until you get a chance to go over the differences of the Zero Lounge.  I’ll go more into Blackjack in the Z-lounge later on in this article.

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How the Zero Lounge Benefits You            

All casinos are setup to make profit and to ensure that they can meet the costs of overhead for their casino they also setup a built in advantage over players.  The way that most European casinos do this is with the rules of the game.  The best example is the roulette wheel.  In a European casino, the roulette wheel has thirty-six numbers and a zero.  That zero gives the casino a clear advantage, so why would anyone want to play?  Well, the incentive for playing against that advantage is that any single number has a payout of 35 to 1.  The difference that Betfair has made with their Zero Lounge is that they have essentially taken out that zero from all their games.  Besides removing the zero(s) from roulette, they have also modified baccarat, blackjack and video poker to have no house advantage.

Zero Baccarat

Betfair has modified Baccarat in the Z Lounge by lowering the commission on the bet of the banker to 2.75%.

Zero Blackjack

This is where the no house advantage gets really interesting.  Because of the complexity of the rules of blackjack and how the odds are generally stacked against the player, Betfair had some work in changing how blackjack is played.  A natural blackjack for instance, has a payout of two to one. You can split anything once except aces and you actually get a payout of two to one for a five card 21.

Zero Jacks or Better

In this modified video poker game, the house is completely removed by giving players a 22% higher payout.  This is the highest percentage offered in any casino online.  You simply cannot find a better value for Jacks or Better.

The Betfair Zero Lounge is the obvious choice for players that are looking to double their bankroll.  If your game of choice doesn’t happen to be in the Z Lounge, then you can find it in the Main Lounge.  Even though the Z Lounge offers a terrific bonus in having no house advantage, the Main Lounge offers incredible real money bonuses plus offers that are unbeatable.    

How Do I get that Betfair Bonus?

The promotions that Betfair gives their patrons are awesome and meeting the requirements can normally be done in a couple of days of play.  Here is a quick guide to get you your initial bonus with Betfair:

  1. Create an account with Betfair.
  2. Deposit money into your account (we suggest an amount that meets the max match of the bonus).
  3. Transfer any amount which is over £10 from your account into the Casino.
  4. Keep in mind that the money you transfer over is the amount that will be matched.  It is important to transfer the max match to get the full benefit of the promotion.
  5. Bonus funds will then appear in the account
  6. Make wagers with your bonus at approved games for the required amount of times to have it converted into cash.

Some games may be excluded from bonus promotions, so it is important to read up on the requirements of any ongoing promotion.

The bonuses at Betfair don’t end with just the initial deposit bonus.  In fact, Befrair runs about ten unique promotions each month for their casino.  Hey, keep this in mind too, Betfair is more than just a casino, they are also one the leading bookmakers in the UK, have an excellent poker room and are sponsors of UK football.  £20,000 to win on the races at the casino is one of the big promotions going on now, plus you can get double comp points and 200% slots bonus up to £500.  There’s always a way to increase the value of your money at Betfair.  Some of the other great promotions that Betfair has offered are Kick Start Mondays in which you can get a £20 bonus whether you win or lose.  Some of the promotions require that you opt in each week, but if you can remember to do so on a regular basis, you can increase value or even cover some of your loses.  Betfair casino really gives back with their promotions and bonuses.

More About Betfair

Some of the other reasons that I absolutely love Betfair are the Player Protection features that they offer.  Besides the general features for problem gambler exclusion, they also offer a funds transfer limit.  I love to gamble and I know when to quit, but when it gets late and I’ve hit a streak of good luck or bad luck, sometimes I’m too tired to realize how much I’ve transferred during the month.  With the fund limit option, you can tell Betfair to limit your transfers to a set amount.  You can even set it for the entire day, week, month of year.  Truly a feature that I enjoy to keep my finances straight.  Another option that is automatic and a great help to late owls like me is that when you switch over to fullscreen mode, a clock appears with my local time.  That is super helpful because I can lose track of time when I am hyper-focused at video poker.

Betfair Games

Betfair has quite a selection of games which include video poker, live tables, slots and scratch cards.  There’s a lot more available at the casino but below is a small sample of some of the great games that you’ll be playing.  Keep an eye out for the Zero games also. As I mentioned previously, zero games are the ones where there is no house advantage.  Another thing to note when looking through the Betfair games, many of them are Marvel branded games.  If you’ll notice, Betfair has Incredible Hulk the Game and is currently running some great promotions around that Marvel title and other Marvel titles as well.


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The History Behind Betfair Casino

Betfair Casino was built by one of today’s most impressive entrepreneurs. Andrew Black entered into the saturated gambling market against some of the toughest competition and in less than ten years smashed into the top three casinos. Betfair is one of the most popular online casinos in the UK and the world, makes in excess of £300m on the online betting side of the business and all this from a man that kicked around from job to job for a number of years. Technically, being the top of his class at Kings, Wimbeldon, in math, certainly helped and even being booted out of Exeter University might have been the best thing also, but what really aided in the development of Betfair was Andrew Black’s gambling experience.

I wonder if the venture capitalists that Black approached in 2000 are now kicking themselves. Andrew Black and Ed Wray needed £1m to get their operation started and had to beg and borrow from their friends and family to scrape it together. Also goes to show, that it helps to have wealthy friends and family when you want to start a business. The biggest part of the Betfair story is the dream, a simple dream that Andrew Black had. What he wanted was a way for gamblers to place a wager online and have another gambler accept the bet without someone in between. Even against newly forming competition with a similar idea, Betfair was able to become successful sticking to the original concept of keeping out the middle man in betting. Within one year in operation, Betfair simply bought out their rival competitor and has been making history ever since. ♣


Betfair is now the largest online betting exchange in the world. According to sources, the company now takes in about £50 million a week.

Gamblers from all parts of the world can now use the Betfair betting exchange to back or lay bets on their own. With twenty percent better odds than what a brick and mortar bookmaker can offer, Betfair has made a killing by simply taking 2-5% of the winnings. The betting exchange interface is simple to use and is reminiscent of software used in the stock exchange. Betfair didn’t just sit around and count in the money they were raking in. Over the years Betfair has offered new products and services that continue to revolutionize online gambling. As I’ve mentioned throughout this article, the Zero Lounge is one of those innovations. In their quest to create a perfect betting environment, Betfair really changed the way the game is played and for the benefit of the player. Since 2006, the Zero Lounge has given Betfair Casino players a fair and even playing field. In 2008, Tradefair, a financial trading and betting program was launched. This was also quite an innovative piece of gaming software that is now being mimicked by other online casino operators. Tradefair Spreads was the next offering and allows clients to bet on the movement of shares and stocks without the need for a stockbroker. Betfair was also one of the first to offer a mobile app to bet over smartphones back in 2007. The company is also known for their backing of local sports clubs and Manchester United. ♥

The Growth Strategy of Betfair

The obvious innovations that Betfair has developed over the past eleven years come from their much directed growth strategy. In both the short and long term, the directors of the operation continue to protect their core betting exchange operation while conquering other markets and gambling markets. Out of all the online gambling operations, Betfair would be the most likely to find success in the United States. With the underdog background of the company, the keen entrepreneurial spirits of its founders and the dedication to loyal customers, the US and Betfair would make a perfect pair. Betfair is consistent with their expansion methods and some of their success has probably come from sticking to their plans and not chasing down too much at a time.♠




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