Play Red Dog

Red Dog in general

One of the famous table games that can be played on internet casinos and land based casinos is Red Dog. It is a card game that uses the whole deck of fifty two cards. After each round the deck is shuffled in order to prevent the players from counting the cards. The players are not permitted to touch the card to ensure a fair game play and that the cards don’t get manipulated or tampered. All of this don’t represent a problem for internet casinos but of course the rule stays the same that all the card belong to a full deck of cards of fifty two cards.

How to play the game

The rules of Red Dog is pretty simple, all you have to do is place a bet at the beginning. Two cards will be dealt that are facing up. If the two cards hold consecutive numbers, then the round is over and you get your bet back. It is called a push. If the two cards are identical then the dealer will be obligated to deal another card to himself. If the third card is the same, you will win a payout of eleven to one.

In case the cards are not identical and the numbers are not consecutive, you will be faced with 2 options. The first one is to raise the wager and the second one is to choose to call the hand. After you make that choice, the dealer will draw a 3rd card. If the value of this card is between the first two cards, you will be named the winner. If it is not between the two cards, then you are the loser. If the third card is identical to one of the first two cards, you will also lose.