Winnipeg Club Regent

Winnipeg Club Regent

1415 Regent Avenue West, Winnipeg,

MB, R2C3B2 Canada


Winnipeg and Club Regent gets you the most positive and inspiring of holidays

Winnipeg in Manitoba is the capital and the largest city to be found in Manitoba. You certainly can’t miss not visiting it if you are in Manitoba. Moreover, Winnipeg in Manitoba has so much to offer visitors who get themselves out there.

Winnipeg in Manitoba can be reached easily from the Richardson International Airport. It is a comfortable drive from there to the main part of the city. Winnipeg in Manitoba is comfortably and strategically located between two rivers which are the Assiniboine and the Red River of the North. This allows it the right mix of the best of scenery that is so picturesque and beautiful.

Downtown Winnipeg Main Street

In the back drop it has Downtown Winnipeg Main Street offers you the best view of the cityscape that is so unique to this place. You will find high rise buildings out here that have an architectural charm of their own. The buildings that you will find at this place are the Legislative Building, The Forks, Portage and Main which consists of the Richardson Building and CanWest Place.

Winnipeg Club Regent

Once you are in this part of town you can take yourself to one of the most fantastic of parks to be found in Winnipeg in Manitoba which is the Assiniboine Park and the Pavilion within it. The other must see place is the Osborne Village and the Esplanade Riel. The Esplanade Riel which is a wonderful place to walk down since it is pedestrian only has the Side-spar cable-stayed bridge and houses Salisbury House Restaurant within it.

Winnipeg Club Regent

If you want to witness and experience a differently diverse part of Winnipeg in Manitoba then go to Chinatown. If museums are more your kind then Winnipeg in Manitoba has the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and also The Manitoba Museum which is the place for you to find out the history of the city. There is also the Winnipeg Art Gallery which was founded all the way back in 1912. This is the place that you will be able to find the best of Inuit art.

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