Langley City Cascades Casino

Langley City and Cascades Casino make for the perfect holiday option

Langley City in British Columbia offers the visitor several wonderful places to go to and carry this holiday long in their hearts. If adventure is what your heart yearns for in the most beautiful of surroundings, then find that all at Langley City in British Columbia. There are so many local attractions to visit out here that you are never going to ask yourself what to do next.

These places are the Canadian Museum of Flight next door to the hotel steeped in history such as the Cloverdale Fairgrounds and the Domaine De Chaberton Estate. Why not go to the Ft. Langley Historic Town and the Milner Downs Equestrian Centre that will allow you to peep into the past. It will be as though you have sat yourself in a time machine and be taken back to how Langley City in British Columbia was in the past.

Langley City Cascades Casino

Newlands Golf Course

If you are the outdoor kind, then Newlands Golf Course and the Thunderbird Show Park is what you must have on your itinerary. In case of still more time on your hands then go to the Willowbrook Mall that has on offer some of the best urban attractions.

You can walk down the streets and window shop as you take in the life and culture of this enchanting place. Langley City in British Columbia has the most ideal of locations for a holiday nestled as it is close to the Fraser River. It will only take you about forty minutes to drive down to Langley City in British Columbia from Vancouver. Walk down the heritage site and monuments at Langley City in British Columbia as you feel the sun on your back.

Cascades Casino

What do you do in the evenings? Why not go to the Cascades Casino. It is one of the largest casinos in the west of the country and has a lot to offer its visitors. You will love the way Cascades Casino offers an amazingly vast array of the most wonderful of games and slot machines to get that adrenaline pumping in your veins. If you have been looking for thrilling games and a chance to win some money as well, then you can’t go wrong with Cascades Casino.

It offers shows that you can be a part of and they are amazing for the price that you pay. The drinks are priced reasonably at Cascades Casino and you won’t find your pocket empty at the end of the evening. It provides the visitor with an experience that they are bound not to forget easily for the fun that they have had.

Go on to network with the right kind of people and make friends on your holiday. There are tons of entertainment options as well as promotions that you can be a part of. If you play within your pre-determined limit then Cascades Casino will offer you a win-win situation for certain. Go on and experience the best casino in town.


Cascades Casino Map

20393 Fraser Hwy

Langley, BC V3A 7N2


+1 604-530-2211