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Casino Slots

When online gambling is mentioned, the first kind of online gambling games that would pop in one’s mind is the slot machines with their shinny and bright lights and symbols. The excitement that a punter gets when he pulls the slot’s lever is unmatched.

Another thrill the player would get while playing online slot games is the anticipation as the symbols start to appear on the reels while the player is wishing for a wining combo or a jackpot win.

Free Online slots attract a lot of players especially the ones who just entered the world of online gambling. This is due to the fact that the game and its rules are very simple and easy to understand.

There are no strategies that the player will have to memorize in order to win. It is very simple, the player just pulls the lever down and hopes for a lucky winning combo or a jackpot hit. The only hard decision that a player will have to take is decide which online slot to play.

As mentioned, playing online slots is as easy as pulling the lever but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few easy rules and betting requirements attached to each slot game. As there are slot games that would allow you to wager up to 3 coins and some slots would allow the player to wager up to 5 coins. Each slot game has its own pay table.

This pay table would show the wining combos and the earned payout for each combination.

Slot machines in general

It is known that one of the most famous online gambling games is online slot games.  Although they are very simple games without a lot of rules or strategies but it is important to know the wining combinations, the payout table and the wagering requirements of every slot game before you play it. This way you are guaranteed to win the biggest amount money as possible.

The basic concept of slot machines

The main target of any slot game is to hit the wining combo of symbols that appear on the reels to win a jackpot payout. This kind of online gambling game is operated by coins. The traditional slot game consists of three reels but some games have more reels. When the player pushes the lever down, the reels start to spin until they stop at certain symbols. Of course you can’t really pull the lever when it is an online game, so it is done by clicking a button.

How to play an online slot machine

You have to place a wager in order to play. You do that by choosing a coin size through the coin selector button. The wagers start from 1 to the maximum amount of coins. Some games have a maximum bet of three coins and some can offer up to 5 coins. Once the bell rings, it means that you have started the game. Once the reels stop spinning, you press the cash out button to claim any payouts that you have earned. Each game has its payout table, so make sure to check it out to learn more about the rules of each specific online slot.

Slot Machines

A slot machine is the one game that you can find at every single gambling venue, whether on the internet or land based. This is the mother of all casino games, it is a game that depends on pure luck & probability. This game goes by many names. These names include fruit machines, poker machines, pokies, slots, one-arm bandits and more. Each name has its own story and reason. For example, “Fruit Machines” was due to the fact that when this game first started to be played, it used to have fruit symbols on its reels and players would be rewarded with gums that were fruit flavored. “Poker Machines or Pokies” was because some machines used to feature poker symbols on the reels of the game. Slot machines naming was due to the slot that exists where players would enter the coin to initiate the game. As for One-Arm bandits, it was named because this slot machine would take a lot of money from players and it has one arm, referring to the lever that players would pull in order to begin the game and spin the reels.

Land Based Slot Machines

The slot machines that can be found at land based gambling venues usually have three reels and one winning line. These machines would have a slot where players would enter the coin to start the game. Some slots have only one coin denomination and others accept more than one coin size and value. After players set the wager, they will pull the lever. The reels on the slot machine will start to spin showing various symbols. The symbols that can be found at land-based casinos usually include sevens, bells, one bar, two bars and three bars. Players will be paid according to the combination of symbols that they have achieved.

Players will be able to view all of the possible winning combinations as they are printed on the slot machine. This paytable shows all of the different winning combinations and their perspective payouts. Since these machines take in bets in the form of coins, it also gives its payouts in the form of coins, even jackpot wins.

Online Slot Machines

Online slot machines are a different story. These games are not restricted to only 3 reels such as the land based slots. Gaming developers have upgraded these games to have as many as five reels. It also offers more than one winning line as it offers 5, 10, 25, 50 up to 1024 lines that players can place wagers on. This gives players more chances of winning than the standard middle winning line at land-based slots.

These slot machines can also have specific themes that affect the symbols that appear on the reels. For example, some slots are themed around certain TV shows and movies such as Battlestar Galactia, Star Trek, Rocky and more. There are some free slots that would feature short clips from the movie or the TV show that the slot is themed around. Other slot machines can be themed around a certain fairy tale or any other random theme.

Some of these slots are called “video slots”. These slots feature animated symbols. When these symbols form a winning combination, they will become animated which is surely something that all online players would enjoy.

The procedure of online slots is similar to land based slots. Instead of physically entering the coin into the slot machine, players will select a coin size from the available sizes, then the number of coins on each certain payline and the number of lines if the game has more than one winning line. All of this can be found at the bottom of the slot machine in the control panel of the game. Players will also click on “spin” which is usually found at the far right at the bottom.

This will cause the reels to spin and showing symbols. Players who have achieved winning lines will see a line flashing on these symbols. Like land based slot machines, there is a paytable that can be either found on the main screen of the slot machine or players can view it if they wish by clicking on View Payout or View Pays.

Slot Machines Glossary

There are certain terms that are related to slot machine, here are some of them:
Max Bet:

This term is only used in online slots. Players who want to place the maximum possible wager will click on the “Max Bet” button and the game will automatically place the biggest coin size and the maximum number of coins on all of the lines.


It is also referred to as a winning line, a betting line or a wager line. It is the line that players have to get certain winning symbols on in order to claim a payout. It can be a straight or a zigzag line.


It is the table that shows all of the possible payouts for the different combinations of symbols. It will also tell players about any special symbols or features that the game may hold.

Wild Symbol:

A Wild symbol is a symbol that has the ability to substitute for any other symbol on the slot machine in order to help players achieve a winning combo.

A Scatter Symbol:

This symbol can only be found at online slots. It is a symbol that gives players scattered payouts and it can trigger bonus rounds.

Bonus rounds:

These rounds are triggered by numerous symbols that depend on the features of each online slot. One of the most commonly known bonus rounds is the free spins round which is usually triggered by scatter symbols. This round enables players to spin the reels of the game a certain amount of time for free.

The control Panel:

This is where players control every aspect of the game such as placing bets, choosing lines and spinning the reels. It is usually found at the bottom of the screen right underneath the reels.