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417 Main Street,
Yarmouth, NS,B5A 4B2 Canada

Yarmouth and Rodd Grand Hotel offers a fascinating holiday deal

Yarmouth in Nova Scotia allows the visitor to be able to enjoy the best of rural landscape far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The kind of lives that we lead nowadays ensures that we go through a lot of stress, but one holiday at a place like Yarmouth in Nova Scotia will ensure that you are able to leave all the stress behind you and come back rejuvenated for more.

Yarmouth in Nova Scotia has the most wonderful of scenery and nature all around it. it is known for its shipbuilding industry and was in fact one of the major ship producing centers in the 19th century. This was the place wherein hundreds of ships were built and you can still see remnants of it till today.

Yarmouth in Nova Scotia is a traditional place and you will be able to witness two of the most diverse cultures out here. On your stay at Yarmouth in Nova Scotia you will find the experiences of Anglo-Scottish and Acadian French culture to be quite refreshingly impressive. Both these cultures are so significantly entrenched in these wilderness areas. Nowhere in the world will you be able to experience this wonderful mix.

Rodd Grand Yarmouth

Yarmouth Rodd Grand Hotel Casino

Once you have had too much of the rustic charm and want to look for some of the fun and frolic that a casino can go on to offer you, then go to the Rodd Grand Hotel. It offers you one of the best gaming experiences this end of town for certain. You will love the way it makes you feel as soon as you step into the Rodd Grand Hotel. It has a fantastically centralized location and allows you to be able to enjoy the time off on a holiday. The Rodd Grand Hotel provides you with the perfect escape for a couple or a family. There are several discounts and packages that you can get for yourself with the greatest of the most extensive options thrown in.

Rodd Grand Hotel allows you to get yourself on to a winning spree with the right kind of gaming center. You will certainly be able to get your game right. This will enable you to be able to enjoy this spacious casino that has the right mix of fun and adrenaline pumping excitement that allows you to discover the best of gaming. Try your hand at the slot machines, the gaming rooms or at poker and bingo.

Rodd Grand Hotel Casino

The Rodd Grand Hotel casino has the most wonderful of action-packed fun that one can ever have. The machines range from a penny onwards so even if you want to bet real low you can go ahead and do that. The Rodd Grand Hotel casino has several choices open for the player. If you are a beginner or a seasoned player trying your luck at the gaming consoles, you will be able to find just that. There is several action packed games that are out there at the Rodd Grand Hotel casino.