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Hwy 10, The Pas, MB R0B 2J0, Canada
+1 204-627-2250

The Pas and Aseneskak Casino for a true gem of a holiday

The Pas in Manitoba offers the traveler plenty of the most fantastic deals to choose from. If you love to take yourself into the deep wilderness, away from the concrete jungles and the much trodden paths, then The Pas in Manitoba offers you the perfect getaway. All of us look for that one nice gem of a holiday to be able to go back to our routine lives in a far more refreshed state of mind. Get yourself to The Pas in Manitoba and you will find that.

The Pas, Manitoba

The Pas in Manitoba is a small little town that is tucked away in the Norman Region. If you want to reach it in the easiest of ways then you need to go 630 kilometers northwest from Winnipeg. It is almost on the border of Saskatchewan and therefore has a mixed culture and heritage to offer its visitors. You will enjoy the drive to the Pas in Manitoba through forests and tracks of land that almost lead to wilderness all around you. You will be able to see nature upfront and in the most uncommercialised and untouched of ways.

A thing that no tourist should miss while at The Pas is the Sam Waller Museum, downtown The Pas. This is the place wherein you will be able to get a feel of the rich history and heritage of the place. It is located right in the heart of the town in the old courthouse which is right near downtown The Pas.
When you enter The Pas in Manitoba you will see the Welcome sign whose motto is that Adventure Territory lies ahead of you. This announces the festivals and events that are there on in town at that time.

Looking for that perfect place to stop by and have a drink or two with the locals and try your hand at the casino while at the Pas, then Aseneskak Casino is your best bet. You will love the way it makes you feel comfortable, welcome and at home the moment you enter it. You might not expect a casino of this kind to be found out here so you might be taken in by surprise. It is extremely spacious and has tons of gaming options to offer the visitor. It is located in an easy to find manner right at Highway 10 North Opaskwayak. When you are driving past you are surely not going to miss the Aseneskak Casino.

Aseneskak Casino

The Aseneskak Casino has 20,000 square foot devoted all to true blood gamers and gaming enthusiasts to enjoy themselves. There are more than 350 slot machines to be found out here. You can also try your hand at poker or blackjack out here which remain the perennial favorites with the gaming enthusiasts. If you are hungry while at the Aseneskak Casino then you can always take yourself to the restaurant called Eagle’s Nest Restaurant and Lounge which goes on to offer you the best of local and international cuisine.