North Battleford and Gold Eagle Casino

North Battleford and Gold Eagle Casino is one of the most beautiful destinations on earth


North Battleford in Saskatchewan is a really tiny town but has plenty on offer for the visitor. You will love the drive down Business District 101st Street and the kind of ambience that it creates. This is the place wherein you will find all that you might want to shop for out here. Also, there is the architecture that goes back to decades and the kind that you don’t get to witness nowadays.

North Battleford in Saskatchewan

North Battleford in Saskatchewan quite belies its size cause in spite of that it has plenty of places to see. First of all there is the Saskatchewan River that offers you the most wonderful of places to go out for a picnic to. Then if you want to go to a park then you can go to the Provincial Park which is about forty kilometers to the north.


One place that you can’t miss when you are in this part of the country is North Battleford railway station. This offers you a peek into the times when travel by train was the only option and one of great prestige. It will be like stepping into a time machine and transporting yourself to the times when train travel was so important.


The population of North Battleford in Saskatchewan is only some few thousands but they are extremely hospitable and friendly. They are more than happy to help visitors and let them know of their history. At the Gold Eagle Casino you can go on to hob knob with the locals and the other tourists.

Gold Eagle Casino

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Gold Eagle Casino goes on to have the most wonderful of games that allows you to be able to donate some money to a charity.

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