Point Edward and OLG Casino

Point Edward and OLG Casino Point Edward makes for a great getaway

Point Edward has one of the most lively and vivacious of communities and it offers the visitor a wonderful chance at experiencing it in person. The history of Point Edward goes all the way back to the year 1878. You will love the water bodies that are close by which is the River Claire and Lake Huron. The waters in these water bodies are untouched by commercialization and are crystal clear.

Point Edward and OLG Casino

You will be able to see them connect to the Great Lakes as they flow downwards in one steady stream. This makes the Point Edward a wonderful place to relax and rejuvenate yourself as you forget your daily troubles and have a wonderful holiday in the lap of nature.

Point Edward also has Bridgeview Marina that every visitor must take them to. This has the most fantastic of boating and other recreational facilities available close by. The place has some of the most wonderful hotels to choose from for your stay out here. Then there is the twin Blue Water Bridges that goes all the way across the St Clair River and is right in the center of Point Edward and Port Huron. This makes for the most picturesque of crossing with beautiful birds and flowers all around as far as your eyes can see.

Point Edward and OLG Casino

Once you have had your fill of all that Point Edward has to present in the form of nature, you can take yourself for a bout of gaming. There can be nothing as exhilarating and exciting as gaming and that is what is on offer at the OLG Casino Point Edward.

If you want tons of gaming and fun, then you can’t go wrong when you select OLG Casino Point Edward. The first thing that you will notice about this casino is the overall fun ambience that has been created that will want you to try your hands out at the gaming consoles and then put on your dancing shoes and dance the night away. The other thing about the OLG Casino Point Edward is that it is well located right on to the St Claire River. This gives it the most fantastic of vantage viewpoint and you will be able to look out at the broad expanses of the crystal blue water and the Bluewater Bridge as you try out your hand at the games.

OLG Casino Point Edward

The OLG Casino Point Edward offers you the chance to win some mega bucks for yourself as you go on to enjoy yourself at the gaming tables and machines.

OLG Casino Point Edward also has the most wonderful of crowd gathering there and this will give you a nice opportunity to be able to network and make new friends. You can easily get the good times rolling when you opt to get yourself at the OLG Casino Point Edward. You certainly won’t want to go home or the party to end even when you see the sun peep out and herald the start of a new day.