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Prince George and Treasure Cove Casino is the nerve center of a bustling holiday

If you are the kind of person who loves fun and the hustle and bustle of city life on a holiday, then when you take yourself to Prince George in British Columbia, you will find just that. The people of Prince George in British Columbia are known for their hospitality and they will go on to open their hearts and city to you and help you see the best of it.

The city of Prince George in British Columbia is strategically located between two highways 97 and 16 and that makes it easily accessible. Prince George in British Columbia is an extremely beautiful place since it is right on the Fraser and Nechako Rivers and has easy access to most global markets which makes it a cosmopolitan hub.

Treasure Cove Casino

When you are looking for a really vibrant and lively place for a holiday then go to Prince George in British Columbia. It offers you several opportunities to be able to see the magical place and the beauty of it all to seep into your very being. No matter whether you are going to be in Prince George in British Columbia for a few days or weeks, you will find that you won’t have a single spare moment based on the tons of entertainment options that it has lined up for you.

Prince George Treasure Cove Casino

Some of the real special places that you must visit while at George in British Columbia is the Aquatic Center. This has more than 800 thousand gallons of water that offer the visitor several options. Why not enjoy the beachfront and the other water fun that are to be found out here. Then, you have Noah’s Ark Adventure land which is great fun for an entire family. It has a variety of different things for the family to enjoy be it the pony rides, a petting zoo, and playground and duck pond.

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The other options that are there for the visitor are the Park Drive in Theater, Predator Paintball and Prince George Playhouse. There are of course the winter sports and activities that continue to remain a major attraction.

The Treasure Cove Casino

What if you are looking for indoor entertainment, then head straight to Treasure Cove Casino. This is the place wherein you can really try out your luck and skill at the gaming machines and tables and see how much you can make in a night of play. There have been people who have walked away with a phenomenal amount of money at the Treasure Cove Casino and those who haven’t have enjoyed themselves so much that they haven’t really minded the cost involved.

Treasure Cove Casino has a whole lot of fun just waiting to be discovered. It is open late into the night and it is so exciting an environment that you might not want to go home even when the sun begins to creep up. Treasure Cove Casino attracts many a tourist based on all they have heard about it.

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Treasure Cove Casino


2003 HWY 97, Prince George, BC

V2N 7A3, Canada

‎+1 250-561-2421