Free Slots Guide

The history of free slot machines in Italy

Italy. It is the land of pasta, olive oil, Milan, vineyards and Armani. People come and go in this wonderful country to experience the best there is in the food, culture and lifestyle. If you really like the pizza, the elegance of natural beauty or the history of the vibrant city, Italy is your destination for a trip. But what many people do not know about this country is the growing trend of the use of slot machines. This is one of the hidden sides of Italy, a side that many tourists do not see they do not know and look for.

It was not always so In Italia. You cannot talk without speaking slot machine gambling. Gambling has its roots in 1700. It was brought by the Europeans who invented the bets to be able to earn more. The casinos have been established to regulate gambling, but despite free entry, the rich were the only ones who could afford to play for high stakes. This occurred very unfair to the middle class, whereas they could not participate in the games. The first home game of that period was called the Foyer. This was later demolished years later, but by this event have emerged casinos, gambling houses similar to Reduced. It is for this reason that the origin of the word comes from the Italian history… Casino From this point on, the game has evolved and has become an illegal activity.

Just as the world has seen the casinos grow, so too does In Italia. As the 21st century approached, the Italian government passed several laws which prohibit all gaming activities, whether that poker slot machines or any kind of game that involves betting. The reason for this adamant position on gambling has been to avoid the adverse effects associated with gambling. But little by little, the government began to legalize the activity of gambling, adjusting it with the taxes and the like. This began in 2006. They have done a lot of approvals and denials for regular gambling. They also had to make sure that the organizations of the gaming business had licenses to operate in the market is not illegal. They also introduced a tax system, making sure that all activities of gambling had a 20% restocking fee.

There have been other amendments that the government has done to liberalize the sector of gambling in 2006 and 2007 were:

–          The opening of new license to reorganize the industrial network in the industry.

–          The legalization of betting games involving the use of real money

–          The opening of the Italian gambling market to various investors and entrepreneurs

–          The legalization of skill games of cards, including poker and blackjack

1.       Anyone can play

As mentioned earlier, slot machines are now more than ever, at affordable prices. You can play with only 1 Euro. Whether you are a resident or a tourist, everyone is invited to play the new slot anytime, anywhere.

2.       There are more and more slot machines installed compared to other casino games


With its convenience, even a company can put a new regular slot in his shop. It saves space in the store and do not need extra equipment. All that needs the owner is the more electricity to run the machine.

3.       It is a help to make more money

There is no denying: the slot machines are part of the majority of the total bets that you make in an entire year. The year 2011 was reported to be the best in the earnings of the total bets. It’s no wonder that helped the casinos, especially those licensed under the AAMD, to make more profit to give more services to their customers.

4.       Has helped the country in a financial crisis

With these successful relationships, the Italians have shown to have been helped thanks to the slot machines, despite the current financial crisis. The reports show that more and more people play the slot machines.

5.       Especially for online casinos, the slot games are a popular choice

You cannot just ignore the online casino slot games are popular as those found in websites. The slot games are also affordable and practical as much as those are off-line. With more reasons to play online slot games, they also give an incentive to try physical ones. The slot machines have helped to make money in online casinos just as they do in real life.

For these reasons, it can be seen that the slot machines have become a trend in all of Italy. It does not stop here, plans from the AAMS to increase the number of slots each year so as to increase the total bet. They saw what the slot machines have given them and now they want to double their earnings.

Now websites have a list of places to find the best slot machines. If residents are not sufficient to maintain slot machines, tourists are the answer. All popular websites offer the best slot machines to play and if you are lucky enough, they also have a map that lists them. It is certainly convenient for the person who goes the first time or an experienced traveler who wants to see the secret places of his favorite city. And if you’re the type to play online slots, the websites also cover this.

The history of slot machines was a big problem, but it went smooth. What started thanks to an activity of gambling, it has evolved into a place that offers lots of games including poker, blackjack and of course the slot machines. Despite the controversy and disadvantages with gambling, the Italian Government has done much to adjust it and now it has become an accepted nationwide. Slot machines have become a trend nowadays with the machines installed in bars and tobacconists, with shares AAMD regulated at the national level and has become a possibility for residents and tourists. Who knows what the future holds for the slot machines, as of now, have thrived despite the financial crisis. But whatever happens tomorrow, slot machines are here to stay and help people become richer every day.



How to Pick a Slot Machine

So you’ve finally decided to take the decisive step towards the slot games. After playing a game of poker, blackjack and a surprising beating roulette, are you finally going to play slot games. But like any other game, you cannot just pick a slot machine and throw all their savings in the hope of winning further. You need to know how to choose a slot machine before you play something that you truly love. You must have a goal on why you are going to play slot games. You’re wasting your chances of winning if you cannot decide which slot game you should choose.

So, how do you choose a slot machine? What are their points in favor and against? Which type are you most suitable? When it comes to slot games, there are so many variations that you cannot choose just the perfect one. It takes a little ‘, at least that the first choice is not already become the preferred option. Here are some ways to choose your slot machine:

1. If you are a beginner, start with the 3-reel

Ah, yes. The 3 reel slot game. It is the simplest and most common type of slot game. If you pull a lever or press a button, all you have to do is line 2 or 3 pictures in a row and you win more credit. It depends on your bet and your luck. While they may not increase the credit, they can help build the bankroll. After all, you are a beginner in the scene of slot games. The advantage of the 3 reel, in addition to its simplicity, is the greater chance of winning large sums given that you only have 3 wheels and given that even if 2 images do not line up, can generate the same credit. The downside to a 3 reel is a minor victory compared to other games. Select this only if you really are a beginner.

2. If you’re a little ‘bored from 3 reel, aiming higher with the 5 reels

Here’s where it gets interesting. Those to 5 rollers are similar to those to 3 rollers, except for the fact that they have 5 rolls. This increases the chances of winning more credit. This can be classified as an update for the beginner player of slot games. With more images you win more. It also widens the gap to get more wins, then made a nice bankroll before you choose this type.

3. If you’re desperate for more wins, try the Multiple Payline

Okay, you have your bankroll, but I want to raise in several ways. Well, try a Multiple Payline. It takes the structure of a 5-reel, but instead to give you credit for the alignment of images has several “payline” that is displayed after you have wagered that line from beginning to end. What does this mean? It means that it will evaluate the images along the way and from that moment will be equal to the total winnings. In this way, you are more likely to credit. But you must also be sure to carefully choose the payline. Why? Because sometimes, there will be a payline that you have not chosen that suddenly had a greater victory than those choices. So it is better if one of the 2-5 best of paylines you choose 1 or 2 new payline each time.


4. If you want more winnings then there are even more, ways with the Multiplier and the Bonus Multiplier

The payline is not enough anymore? You have then the Multiplier and Bonus Multiplier that comes to your rescue. As the titles suggest, the slot games Multiplier multiply their bets according to the alignment of the images of the rollers. So if you get 3 symbols of cherry and you are paid $ 20 for a coin that you bet, you will be paid $ 20 for a coin, $ 40 for two coins and $ 60 for three coins. Now, what makes the Bonus Multiplier different from the ordinary? It has a bonus round and if you manage to win the bonus round, double or triple your winnings. They give you some bonus multipliers from $ 1000 to $ 4000 increments.

5. If you’re a guy ready to risk, then there is the type Buy-A-Pay

Known as the most misunderstood slot machine, with the Buy-A-Pay you must pay the maximum to get the jackpot. Even if you win the jackpot with one coin, you’ll never deserve the prize. So if you get three symbols in a row, but you’ve only played 1 or 2 coins, the jackpot is not yours. This is a type which is likely, the one that is willing to lose everything to win it all. Select this only if you are someone who takes chances. You will also need a very large amount of luck, then cross your fingers when you play with this guy.

6. If you’re a freak jackpot, playing with the slot games that offer the jackpot

If you’re ready to take the shot, intended as a jackpot, then it is time to choose a slot game with a jackpot prizes. If you are not for jackpot prizes that will give you millions, you can try the games for regular slots (3 reel, 5 payline reel) with inside the jackpot. How do you know? You can see a text box with the inscription jackpot attached to both sides of the screen. If you’re in the mood for jackpot prizes that will make you live life in luxury, to play progressive. I have progressive slot machines that collect a percentage of money that a player enters and this goes to increase the jackpot. If you can win the jackpot, you win that jackpot.

What makes it exciting is the fact that more people play, the higher the jackpot. But as always, take note of your progressive, some pay as little as a few people have contributed or because the percentage is small and others pay more because many people have contributed or because the percentage is high. You also need to know the type of progressive: The first is a kind of stand-alone progressive slot machines that are single that depend on the player’s money to build the jackpot. The second is the progressive In-House that are owned by a group of progressive and connected to the casino in which they operate and more people play these machines, the more the jackpot increases because it collects the percentage of all machines. And the third type is the Wide Area Progressives that are progressive linked by independent casino. They are like the In-House except for the fact that the machines could be in the hundreds and the jackpot increases even more. The jackpot in Wide Area life changing. So choose this if you are a freak jackpot.

7. Are you looking for a different kind of experience?

Play games 3D slots

If you feel bored by ordinary slot games, why not try the games 3D slots? They are a new trend in the world of slot games. Even if they require the 3D glasses for a better effect, the experience is wonderful. The layout is well designed, the depth is well made and the animation is created dynamically. And along the trend of the slot games are 3D games 3D slots with a story centered on a theme. Whether you’re a dog caught by a dog catcher or whether you are a spy on a mission to save the world, these games 3D slots with a central story will surely make you entertained as with the main game and the bonus rounds.

8. Would you like an offer you cannot refuse? What do you think of slot games with movies like theme?

The Godfather. Jaws. Gone with the Wind. Terminator. What they have in common? These are issues for slot games. If you want to experience a film in a different way or are you just curious to see a movie, but want to see its entirety, look no further. The slot games are similar to slot games in 3D so that integrate the essence of the film in the slot game. Choose these games if you want a cinematic feel in your game slot.

9. Shortly? Do you work? You cannot play at the casino? Go online

If you cannot go to the local casino because of excuses like work, homework, school, chores, etc. then you have another option: online. The casinos now offer their services online and now you can choose your own favorite with a trial-and-error. If you have no money or just want to practice, choose the online games. Will learn the ways in which you play the slot games. And since it’s free, you are welcome to play as much as you want. Play online in your bathroom, office or in your backyard. And then you can always play for real money later.

This closes the guide on how to choose a slot game. There are many choices out there and now you’ll be sure to turn the head. But always keep in mind the factor of what you really want and choose accordingly. Whether you’re in the mood jackpot, whether you’re a beginner who wants to gain experience, you can breathe a sigh of relief, you now have the power to choose your slot game.

3D Slot Games and Software

When it comes to online slot games, it feels normal. There is nothing that will keep you interested during long gaming sessions of slot machines, except the thrill of winning or the potential of winning. Just point your bet, press the button and wait for your winnings. After a while ‘leave and collect your winnings. It gets boring playing the same slot game over and over again. But all this can change when you try a new variant of slot games: 3D Slot Games

What are 3D Slot Games? Slot games that are 3D are just like normal slot games, but they have now added 3D effects. Require you to have the 3D glasses like the ones you use when watching movies in 3D, like Avatar for example. Give off the effect of having more depth. Thus the foreground and the background have a more separated from each other. This gives companies the opportunity to give vent to their ideas in the most creative way so as to be more immersive gaming regular slots. They are also livelier and colorful slot games of the ordinary.


Not only you will see the rollers fruit or dollars, you will also see the 3D slot games with titles such as Once Upon a Time, Enchanted, Pirates and Ghost Dog Catcher. Grabs you with the experience of being in the game itself. If you’ve ever played games like Bejeweled, you’ll see that the slot games have been enhanced to give you a different feeling. Whether it’s a theme of the 50s or a themed adventure, these games 3D slots have a very different look from the traditional slot games. The rollers also show the type of theme. One such game is Slotfather, which is obviously a tribute to the Godfather, where the reels show gangster, guns, and other images of the world of the Mafia. Another game is Castle Mania where you will see knights, dragons and other images that are normally present at the time of the Middle Ages.

There are also 3D slot games that integrate with a story. A company that makes this type of games is Rival Gaming. They make various 3D slot games that tell stories that reveal an introduction before playing. Some of their best work is Dog Catcher, a story in which a dog named Cheri runs away from home and gets caught by the dog catcher and Dr. Magoo, a story of a doctor in his crazy adventures on an island.

What makes these different slot games from the others is the way in which they are mixed to the history of the game. Just started playing the game, you will see how the rollers are placed at the center of an image of the story. Some rollers appear in a cottage, some rollers appear as graves and others appear like a mirror. You will also notice small animations that give it a nice touch. An example is in Rival Gaming’s McMurphy, you’ll see the protagonist, Bart McMurphy, playing with her ball all over the house (where the rollers). This is not just as a side dish; these animations also indicate that you won. In a game, a character jumps for joy when you win a jackpot. In another game, a character who is fishing in the foreground put away his cane and will make a bow. Now who would not want to be praised for winning a game?

3D slots have additional characteristics that special slot games are not normal. Some features of 3D slot games are the special bonus round which multiply your winnings, some characteristic “attacked” that increases your chances of winning more and some others have a second screen for secrets. Another special feature is the additional progress in history. As mentioned earlier, Rival Gaming ago games focus on a story. When you play the main loop, you will see the central plot and will try to make you feel like the characters are feeling. But when it reaches the special bonus round, you will see the climax of the story. In Dog Catcher, you’ll see Cheri suffer and exit from the compound and finally as of his life as a house dog again. These types of developments make the game really shine 3D slot games.

Yet another feature in these games is when you acquire an object in the game. The bonus round is activated with a requirement secret so the only way to do that is to win an item. Some games require a fish and some require an egg. Whatever the subject, you need to win to get the bonus round. This gives you the incentive to put your every effort available to increase your winnings.

Just like the online slot games, 3D slot games are convenient and free-to-play. You still have the convenience of playing at home, at work or anywhere in the world. But if you’re willing to gamble your money, you can begin to register at online casinos that accept real money bets such as credit. Sites like and are some of the most popular sites to play the games 3D slots.

So now that you know well the games 3D slots, you’re ready to put your 3D glasses and play some 3D slot? Here are some of the sites and games to watch when you’re about to make your choice:

Web Sites

William Hill – Acclaimed as the best resource for 3D Slot Games, the William Hill offers an abundant amount of 3D slot games as they become available.

Bet365 – On The Bet365 casino site is the best software that includes 3D slot. This is the casino site to go when you want to play the games 3D slots. Some of their most popular slots are 3D Slotfather, French cuisine and as if by magic.

Golden Riviera – Golden Riviera offer various 3D slot games that come from the best designers of the game there is. While the Golden Riviera has not yet many slots 3D as other sites, this site offers a real introduction of some popular games.

Party Casino – You have the feeling of being in Vegas even though you are in your home? Try Party Casino. Although it is not free (you must register and make a deposit), you will be able to play high-quality 3D slot games.


French Cuisine (Betsoft Gaming) – Are you a connoisseur of French cuisine? Do you enjoy slot games? This game is for you. French Cuisine integrates a French theme with the game slot, giving rollers with images of food that you can find in a French restaurant. Also depicts rats, waiters and other elements that pay tribute to the Pixar film Ratatouille. With the addition of 3D, you’ll be sure to have fun with this slot game with a beautiful French taste.

Funky Chicken (Sheriff) – This is a slot game eccentric. Instead of the usual rollers slot games, this time will appear on the reels of chickens. The theme will remind you of the 80s. Even the title and layout exude an atmosphere techno-disco-funk. This slot has great features, and bonus spins and the multiplier function “Pick up the chicken” to win even more money in the casino.

Shangri-La (Rival Gaming) – In this game, it tells the story of Mr. Fu, a descendant of an ancient dynasty of a dragon, which is the guard stronger than ever Shangri-La, an ancient temple that contains mysteries and magical powers. As you progress through the game, you’ll see Mr. Fu fishing and strolling in its duty to protect the temple.

Mamma Mia (Betsoft) – If French cuisine does not meet your taste, then try Mamma Mia. It is a slot game with Italian theme that shows images of Italian cuisine such as pizza and pasta, and you have an Italian chef in the kitchen at your disposal! The buttons to spin the reels and bet pots are. It makes you feel as if the game slot was your kitchen.


Mad Scientist (Betsoft) – For all fans of science, there is Mad Scientist. The images show the temperatures of the rollers, the tubes and other objects that are located in a science lab. Add to that an eccentric, crazy haired scientist looking at you. The buttons are tubes with different colors. It is a nice added value to the world of 3D slot games. It is also appreciated the arrangement, while the upper part of the layout shows the increase in electricity. Who comes close to this is REALLY a mad scientist.

Gladiator (Betsoft) – If you’ve had the fantasy of being a gladiator like the guys with six-pack of 300, you’ll love this game. This slot game is different from other games of Betsoft of the added value that gave that allows you to win both the beginning and end of the roller, giving more wins than you usually get. In addition he also bonus items that can double your chances. And finally, in this game you can win real money. Being gladiators and getting paid for it? This is a game rewarding and fun.

Whatever your interest, 3D Slot Games are a nice change of slot games unlike ordinary. If you want to follow the story of a lost dog or lend a hand to a temple guard, slot games have 3D experience never seen before in other games slot. With the special additional feature, the 3D structure and the touch of animation, it’s great to experience your favorite slot games in ways that you never imagined.

Slot Games-themed film

These days, the slot games are not just limited to the generic design that we see everywhere or stories-centric 3D slot games that we play with online. There are also interesting slot games because they are designed with a type of entertainment that we all know and love: movies. Slot games themed movies are popular variations of slot games. In addition to being based on movies, they add a touch clever and unique slots generic. Very similar to the 3D slot games, slot games work only by regular and their novelty is based on the themes of the film designed to slot games.

Just like the 3D slot games, slot games themed movie integrate the stories to make intelligent use of the characteristics of a slot game. For the game slot of the film King Kong, if there are 3 symbols in a row, you enable the “King Kong Goes Ape”; a feature that gives you more wins than usual. As always, the reels show images according to the film itself, such as the Rocky theme slot game that shows pictures of Rocky Balboa, his opponents and the American flag and a slot game with the theme of Braveheart, where you will see the ‘ love of the protagonist, the castle and the old king.

Some slot games themed films are a combination of different slot games. An example of this is Phantom of the Opera, which is a slot machine with 5 reels, 20 pay lines and a progressive jackpot. You are going to have what bet to play in this slot game. Another example is the Gone with the Wind slot game that is like playing slot previously mentioned, but incorporates a system that will pay you if the image is displayed in the top, middle or below the line and can be initiated at either the beginning that the end.

But unlike the 3D slot games, slot games themed movies have not introductory scenes to be presented. It is assumed that you already have an idea of what the film is about, so it may not mean anything to you if you’ve never seen the movie. The slot games themed movies are suitable for those who have loved any film to be and add value to the slot game. Some slot games themed movies have also plot elements that can to be spoiled to those who have watched the movie, so you are advised not to play the game unless you really do not interest you. However, some slot games have feature to show clips of the movie. It makes the movie theme slots game with more fun and more exciting.

But in many cases, the slot games-themed films were also a way to introduce new fans in general. While it may have elements of the plot, some slot games themed movie minimize the exposure of the plot to really show up with a new way to get new fans interested.

The slot games themed films are not only made from ordinary companies. They were designed by companies that have made 3D Slot as the Rival Gaming, Betsoft and Sheriff. It’s no wonder why slot games designed after the films are similar to 3D slot games. It does not require you to wear 3D glasses.

Now that you have a taste of what slot games themed films are, it’s time to choose the best film and the best casino game there is. Take note, however, most of these sites and the games do not accept U.S. players.


888 – With games themed slots such films as King Kong, this site shows that it has a lot of classic slot games to offer.

William Hill Casino – This site includes the classic action-drama and movies like Braveheart and Forrest Gump.

Party Casino – When it comes to unique themed slot games, nothing comes close to the Party Casino. It has a wide range of slot games themed movies. In fact, it has over other casino sites. There are hundreds of slot games themed films including Saturday Night Fever, The Incredible Hulk, Top Gun and The Godfather.

Slot Games-themed film

The Lord of the Rings – Based on the award-winning film, this film themed slots bonus offers that give you more than you bet. Unlike other slot games, this game slot allows you to wager a minimum of $ 0.01 which is quite encouraging especially for beginners. It also shows clips from the film itself, giving a pleasant feeling epic. Do not worry, there are no Gollum included.

Phantom of the Opera – As mentioned earlier, this slot game theme of the film is a combination of 5 reels, 20 pay lines and a progressive jackpot. It also has a bonus that you do not usually see in slot games. It also has an autoplay button when you leave the game for a spin at random.

Rocky – Cue Eye of the Tiger. This slot theme of the film is like other slot games, but its unique bonuses include a feature Gamble where you can double your money immediately, a jackpot of $ 10,000 fixed (which means that if someone wins the jackpot, the prize goes down again to $ 10,000) and have free bonus spins. It also has pictures of Rocky’s opponents, including Mr. T. You do not need to give him a slap.


Jaws – Popular among slot machine players, what makes this game a movie theme unique amongst the slot games is its bonus round. His bonus round deviates from the usual structure and instead turns into a game “hide-and-seek”. You have the task of finding Jaws. You will be shown a 4 × 5 grid size with question marks around the square. Your task is to find the square where Jaws is hidden. Do not worry, it will not bite.

Gladiator – Even without Russell Crowe in the game, this slot game with a movie theme has a lot of functions. What makes it even more unique is that it has more winning lines of other slot games with up to 30 paylines. Bring out your ace and march in the game of blood and pride.

Saturday Night Fever – Time to shake the booty! This slots game with a movie theme is one with the most colorful layout. The buttons for the game are put on a dance floor and disco balls are placed at the top of the screen. Like other slot games with themed movies, this game gives you more bonuses than other slot games.

Top Gun – Another themed slot game with a unique design to film, this time, the whole layout is set in a jet. The buttons were made as in the buttons of the jet, the image of the roll shows the sky outside of the cabin, framed in the window and the bet and the jackpots are shown in the counter. Who says you lost the feeling for the game playing these games?

Indiana Jones – You cannot have a series of slot games with themed movies without including this. Based on the popular movie of action and adventure, Indiana Jones adds a dash of fun in the slot games. With pictures on the reels that show the symbols of the treasure of popular movies and fun bonus rounds, you’re sure to enjoy the next adventure of Jones in search of the ultimate prize: the jackpot.

This guide does not cover all the other slot games themed films that exist. There are hundreds and more types, the more you look the more there is. But remember, not all slot games themed films are as beautiful as they seem. Some slot games themed movies are just there for the novelty and some are not designed well enough to be introduced into a slot game. But by a little ‘time and see what you like best so that you can become your favorite. You must also confirm its characteristics, some slot games themed films allow you to wager a minimum of $ 0.01 (just like the slot game just mentioned, Lord of the Rings), and some allow you to make higher stakes of a regular slot game.

This concludes the guide slot games themed movies. Whether you’re into Godfather, Top Gun, Mission Impossible or the movies Marvel slot games themed movie adds a novelty value to the slot games. If you feel bored with ordinary slot games or you want to experience the film that you loved in a whole new way, you do not have to look elsewhere. Some disappoint you, others not. But in the world of movie-themed slot games, you’ll find one that really captures the essence of the film on which it is based. So, go and have fun finding your slot game themed favorite movie.


Slot games with bonus round

As a player of slot games, sometimes you’ll feel like I need something more to win the game. ‘ve Mastered the game, you’ve discovered its ups and downs and you have won a lot. But there is something else besides spin the wheel and bet the maximum limit? Unlike regular slots games with which you play in person in casinos, online slot games have a feature called bonus round. When you’ve played long enough to master the game slot, you will be taken to a round where you have the opportunity to increase your winnings even more. This is what makes online slot games very interesting and unique.

All variants of the online slot games have a bonus round or more bonus rounds depending on how it is designed. It encourages people to take a minimum risk for having their winnings doubled than they are already. It does not sound right? You will be able to double your winnings large an amount that not many players can get in a regular slot game.

But what kind of bonus round we talking about? It depends on the game you are playing. Many of the bonus round slot games is played as a regular round, but you multiply the bets doubling them. Some online slot games, especially games 3D slots with themes with a story, they give you a game where the story is played (if you are playing slot games made by Rival Gaming) as a bonus round. Some slot games, such as the Jaws film the slot game has a bonus round where you play “hide-and-seek” with the shark in a 4 × 5 grid. Some bonus rounds give you free spins so it’s perfect if you want to save the credits. Some online games you allow 5-8 free spins. These bonus rounds cannot be many but they add an incentive to play more and win more.

But beware: to get to the bonus round it takes a while ‘. The online slot games are easy to play but difficult to master. You need a significant amount of bankroll and a good amount of luck to get something. Some bonus rounds are easy to get, but some are more difficult due to the requirements hidden. For the Shangri-La of Rival Gaming is, you must have the Koi Fish, a rare symbol to trigger the bonus round. Some bonus rounds will trigger only if you get three pictures in a row, but only if it is the desired symbol.

So how do you get the bonus round and win in these games slot? Here are some tips:

1.       Discover if the slot game has a bonus round

Before you throw all your savings make sure that the game you are playing has a bonus round. You would not want to lose all the money to have a feature that did not exist from the beginning. Read reviews of the slot game chosen to see if it is mentioned a bonus round. Some slot games may not mention it, some games talk about it. So you need to have some information in advance. You’ll regret it if you are playing a game for so many hours just to find out later that you did not get a bonus round.

2.    Build your bankroll

Build your bankroll before you start playing for the bonus round. Why? Because if you want to receive the bonus round, but you lost all your credits, you’ll regret when you lose the bonus round. You must ensure you have enough to keep them in the game. To build your bankroll, bet low enough to win some money and when the time is right, make a big bet to win more to add to your bankroll. You can try to play other games before taking the path towards a bonus round. As you play this should give you more experience. There are other features in the games that can also increase your winnings, then use those features.

3.      Extremely knowledgeable about your game

Now you know that has a bonus round. And then what? Know your game more and more. It is how to know a new person, you have to know that this person is really who they claimed to be. When it comes to slot games, you must know its functions. The slot games are not all the same, they can have the same functions but the moment you activate the bonus round is different from each other. Follow step 1 and ask other players about the game. They can tell you how to activate the bonus round. If you are the type who does not like to ask, then continue to play your game to know him better. You’ll discover how active you are.

4.      Put the necessary time and will arrive a bit of luck

Now, if you have done the above steps, you should be informed on how the game functions. Now is the time to build yourself a program that takes you to the bonus round. First, put the necessary time. You cannot expect to get the bonus round as if it were a breeze; you need to put the required amount of time to activate the bonus round. Companies do not plan to make life easy for anyone to get access to the bonus round (although some companies make it the easiest way, but it will take a while ‘before finding out who has the easy way) so you’ll spend ourselves a bit’ of time. Finally, you have to have a little ‘luck. It takes a little ‘time, then hope for the best to get the necessary requirements to activate a bonus round. The chance of getting the condition vary, so cross your fingers very often.

5.       Have you gotten your bonus round? Magnificent! Now learn to win

After hours and hours of play, you’ve got the bonus round. Now what? It’s time to learn how to win. There will be times when the bonus round function is different from normal game. Just like playing the slot of the movie Jaws, you’ll get a bonus round that is not practical. Then learn along the way .. Some bonus rounds will be easy to play, but some will be difficult. As much as possible, learn, and do not be afraid to lose. Yes, you will lose some time now that you’ve just won access to the bonus round, but that’s how you learn. At the very least, when you win once again access to the bonus round, you will know how to win. Follow step 4 when you’re in the bonus round. In the end, risulterai winner in all the bonus round you will encounter. Do you know the pros and cons and you will have the winning directly in the portfolio.

6.       Finally, find out if it’s worth it

Yes, this is a guide to follow the road to win the bonus round. But you have to wonder: is it worth the effort? Are you willing to lose half of your life trying to win something that will never change your life for the better? It’s your choice. It may be worth it, but sometimes, you need to know if it’s worth it or not. You have other things to do in life then why spend on something that just gives you a headache? But if you have already taken these factors into account go straight to the goal. It may be worth it, after all.

Now that you know the steps to take, which games you should play to make the bonus round? Here are the recommendations:


Spiderman –  The Spiderman slot machine, such as the movie franchise is one of the most popular Marvel slots that there are around. The bonus games are extremely fun and able to pay a lot.


In addition to the fantastic multipliers and bonus games, Spiderman slot game is fun thanks to its graphics and music for the film. A really well done game that rivals the other slot based on the film in both popularity that longevity. If you want to be transported away from a slot machine so beautiful and with big bonuses then Spiderman will have you in its web in no time. Take a look at Party Casino.

The Godfather –  A classic film, with a nice cinematic power, intrigue, love and a great representation of the real and gritty gangster in the early years of America. The slot machine could not give justice to this amazing movie, but remember the film with images of actors immortalized in the film. These characters are very real and very many of them would come in for a casino, then, this game is very suitable license with the film and with some bonus games very entertaining. You can take a look at the Godfather slot game at Party Casino.

Mr. Cashback – The William Hill is one of the best slot games there are around with bonus games and this is the Mr. Cashback. At first glance, this is a pretty simple slot machine with a good programming payments. Playing with it will reveal to you that the bonuses are amazing. Tap into the Mr. Cashback logo in any of the winning combinations requests and will double your money. You will love this game when you win games free bonuses or bonus cashback.

Bruce Lee – Yes, the ’60s and ’70s of the dojo eliminating the kung fu fighters like in the movie has a slot game. His bonus round involves the alignment of two or more images of him and within seconds, his images portraying him come alive in a high kick and a double by winning his fight. Who knew that Bruce Lee can give a kick to get you winning in?

So if you already mastered a slot game and want to have more emotion, plays one of the slot games with bonus round. You will have the chance to double your winnings and will be worth every credit spent. With some it’s worth it, with others not, but the important thing is that it adds an incentive to play more. Follow these steps and who knows, you may also access the bonus round faster than expected.


Jackpot Slot Machines

In any game slot games, your winnings depend on how the images appear on the reels. If you have three images in a row, you can win big. If not, then you will not win big. There are also those with pay-lines that have different patterns to determine if the same image is along that line. But there is probably an element of certain slot machine that you have not noticed: the jackpot.

Live Jackpot Online:

Slot Machine

In the world of slot machine games, there are slot machines that have a jackpot. Are usually displayed in the upper or lower part of the game, but in most ordinary design, are shown on the top, left or right. The most common type of slot machine jackpot is a progressive slot machine. It works like any slot machine except that it not only increases your winnings, but you also have a chance of getting the jackpot. The jackpot increases as more and more people put money in the machine. But how does it work? The progressive takes a percentage of the money injected and contributes to the jackpot. So if a player bets $ 10 and we say that the progressive gets 50% of each entry, so the jackpot will increase by $ 5. Now multiply that by 1,000 or 10,000 people, and there is an increase of $ 5,000 or $ 50,000. But this if the player puts $ 10. What happens if you put $ 40? Or $ 120? It is unpredictable amount which will put players in the machine but it does not matter, the jackpot will increase more players will play. But beware, all the progressive slot machines are not equal. There are some that give progressive jackpots that are smaller than the winnings because they take only a percentage or anything. Some will give you the jackpot, as many say, will change your life. You might even win a jackpot that can make you do travel the world in style. So, consider with whom you are playing progressive point before the credits.

The not-so-common type is the slot machine Buy-A-Pay. Is said to be a slot machine misunderstood, because you can only win the jackpot if you bet the maximum of the money it requires. This means that even if you managed to win the jackpot, but you only put a coin, you will not win the jackpot. E ‘high-risk, high-reward slot so make sure you have some bankroll to reel in your chances of winning.

While they may not be classified as slot machines jackpot, the non-jackpot slots 3 reel, 5 reel and pay lines can sometimes have installed the jackpot. Just look carefully if they have a jackpot.

Now that you know your slot machine jackpot, you need a strategy to make the big shot. You have to have something extra in your bankroll.

If you are serious about hitting it big, you must have a big bankroll. You can not just use it all to earn the jackpot. You need to have a good bankroll to stay in the game if you want to win a big jackpot. Increase your bankroll pointing down to build it slowly and aim high stakes when you have a good amount to increase faster. You can also try other games to build their bankroll.

1.       Necessary to have a large amount of bankroll

2.       Choose your machine jackpot

As mentioned earlier, not all slot machines are the same. Consider the slot machine with which you play. When you choose the progressive, always check if it is Stand Alone, In-House or wide area. The Stand Alone are progressive that are not linked to any other machine so its jackpot depends on how many people take the money. You can win a jackpot less if it is small. In-House are progressive, which are grouped in a network of machines. The machines will have a percentage and contribute to the main jackpot. These machines are owned and managed by the casino so do not expect to have awards multi-millionaires as you wanted it to be. And finally, the wide area progressive machines are connected to other machines in other casinos. Some are the property of the casino and some of them are owned by the company that has manufactured. These contain the jackpots that can change your life in one day. But the gap widens the possibilities of winning, then Regards the well before you play it.

Other types, such as Buy-a-Pay and 3 rolls / rollers 5 / Multiple Payline also have their jackpot, then take a look at different machines with their jackpot. There might be a machine with which it is easy to win the jackpot.

3.       The machine Read

You cannot just play to win the jackpot without knowing how the machine works. In some cases, ways to win a jackpot may already be listed here. But even so, it is necessary to read the machine. Knowing the ups and downs, models and everything that regards. If not suit you, play with it. But otherwise, leaves and tries another machine. If you’re not familiar with a particular function, ask someone for help. Someone else that will help you serve.

4.       Put some time, so be patient and do not lose your temper

You know the feeling when you thought you had won the jackpot and suddenly, you realize that it is not so? For everything it takes its time. Do not lose your temper. You have to be patient. It takes time to win a big jackpot. You’ll also need to lose a bit ‘of your time. You can not expect to win the jackpot quickly even if you always hope to win it, but you have to have a good bankroll to continue playing. And always consider the rest of your life. You can not play the slot machines all his life. You have a job, have a family and have a life. So put yourself in a part deltuo time each day in the game, not the whole part of your life. Let’s say you put 1 or 2 hours a day dedicated to the slot after work or after school. You can spend as little as 30 minutes. Choose your time and stay with it.

5.       Divide the winnings and bet accordingly

When you have a good bankroll, you need to divide it accordingly. Point it all or do not point to anything will not get you anywhere. So as you can of the winnings? Try to put a portion of your total winnings in the bets. For example, if you have a bankroll of $ 1000, a 20% puntane which is $ 200. This system works because not only do you have let the bankroll, you also increasing the chances of boosting your bankroll. This will give you more chances to win the jackpot.

But if you have a small bankroll, bet down first and when you have increased your bankroll bit more.

And always consider the maximum bet: some machines allow you to only bet the maximum of a certain amount. If you are looking for that risk, you can play only cone machines with maximum bet to the point that people get scared to bet again. Better to build a nice stack of money before playing well.

6.       Playing with maximum bets

If you’re willing to risk, you must play max coins as possible. The jackpot prize also depends on the amount of money you play, if you play less than the maximum you’ll especially in a minor jackpot machines progressive slots. Many players have won the jackpot but took only a paltry amount of the jackpot, because they have focused on only one or two coins. So you walk the steps above and build your bankroll before you take the risk.

7.       Expect to lose

When you built your bankroll, expect to lose a bit ‘. You can not always keep your bankroll in a consistent manner, there will be times that you’ll want to point it all feel lucky perhaps thinking of at that time. So know that you lose. Do not be afraid to take a risk, but at the same time, calcolalo. This builds confidence in you to bet more and more.

8.       Hope for the best

Winning the jackpot may happen today or tomorrow, in an hour or a minute. In any case, you have to hope for the best. If you want to have the supreme fortune of the players who have won the jackpot be diligent in following the above steps. In the short term, you will lose money. You can not win what he wants, but in the long run, the above steps you will need. It’s like playing the stock market, you expect to lose money, but you know that in the long run you can get higher returns than investments. Sure, you might not win the jackpot, but you will be building possibilities. No one can really predict the odds, but if you’re seriously thinking of winning the jackpot, you will need to put time and effort.

So if you choose to win the jackpot, perform these steps carefully. There is no guarantee of winning the jackpot quickly. Luck, chance and probability change unstably. Even the luckiest man may end up being the most unfortunate a moment later. But if you follow these steps and building a good system, you’ll be ready when the time comes to win the jackpot. Never give up and hope for the best in winning a jackpot that you can change your life



The Best Slot Machine (Online)

When it comes to things in life, you always want the best. You want the best car, the best house, the best drinks and the best of everything. The same can be said for slot machines, especially those that are online. There are many slot machines online slot games for everyone that you think you have found the gold mine. But in the search for payouts and jackpots, you always find the best of the best. You can not play the slot games at low quality, it is necessary that they are not only of high quality but that always place a greater economic return in what has been invested. The best slot games are always the ones that give pleasure and satisfaction.

So what are the best slot machines online? First, you have to consider some things that rank as the best online slot machines:

The quality

Anyone can make a slot game and claim to be the miglioriore. You can pay salaries a computer to make a game for you, you already have what is a slot game. But looking for quality. Is it good? It is bad? Function as it should always work? Look at the quality. The best slot games attract the first time that we play.

The popularity

People talk in a positive way the game? They play frequently? Reviewers like to talk about it or bad? You have to see if the online slot game is considered by players among the best. There are many reviewers of online casinos on the internet so you can see the ranking of slot games and know what is the best game.

The amount of winnings

So you think you play the best game slot? Check if it is consistent in winnings. You can not just play a game slot, if not give you a good return on your investment. The best slot games allow you to get payouts that can contribute to your bankroll. Especially in the jackpot, the best slot games give you the jackpot that people can only dream about, or at least so large as to make the game a game where it’s worth it.

The characteristic of the bonuses and additional features

This guide covers online slot machines or games. So it is natural to choose the best slot games that give you bonuses and additional capabilities as companies have many opportunities to give you the best. But this is not enough for you to choose from, you must know whether the bonus round and the extra features are well integrated. Some slot games only provide bonuses just to give an added value, but some slot games offer bonuses and well-designed with a purpose in mind.

If you’re in the mood for games 3D slots …

Check the above steps and also checks to see if the 3D effects are to give additional experience or just for show. The best slot games 3D 3D effects are always at hand in the game, does not make you a headache with pictures pop up. Also check if the story is well integrated into the game. You’ll know when the story makes you feel something or makes you play the bonus round.

And finally, a look at the overall package

Whatever type of slot game, one must look as a whole. You will know that you have something good when you just thought “This is great!” “This is my game” Check each previous step of this list and ask you if it really is the best game. Sometimes, even the best slot game may not be for you.

Now that you know the factors to figure out what is the best game, here is a list of reviewers who suggest the best and a list of online games that are the best.

Reviews and Online Casino Slot Games Reviews

Best Slots Games (Individual)

Eagle’s Wings (Microgaming) – If you’re a fan of eagles and salmon, this game will cover all your requests. This slot game with a strong visual impact involves you in the history of pride and majestic eagle in the sub-text is the eagle eye of hungry salmon. Integrates all of this theme in the game by entering the characters as symbols for bonuses. One cannot help but feel this feeling film, including music. Makes a normal game as if it were an epic game.

Private Eye (Microgaming) – You want to become a detective? This slots game integrates a theme 50s. From guns to the head, the game oozes with a retro touch. They are also interesting bonuses, free spins, multipliers and extras are made to look like a newspaper. With so many ways to multiply your winnings and with so many animations for all symbols of the rollers, you’ll feel like a private detective.

Wanted DOA (Playtech) – Do you consider yourself a lucky guy? You better be, because you’re not the criminal. This themed slot game is set in the years of the Wild West. It is very high in terms of betting mssime; allows you to bet 250 coins and the number of pay lines is 25. What makes this one of the best is the audio portion. And it is fun to see the design outlaw, is taken directly from an old Saturday morning cartoon.

Cleopatra’s Pyramid (Vegas Technology) – Cue Walk Like an Egyptian by The Bangles. This slot game is inspired by the Egyptian world of Cleopatra. Has the same image as Cleopatra above the roller. Besides the usual bonus, what makes this game unique is the animation of Cleopatra. If you play well, she will make a toast to you for a job well done. Who would not want Cleopatra, Queen of the Desert, who toasts to you? It gives a good incentive to play the bonus round.

Vampire Vixen (Vegas Technology) – This is not Twilight. This slot game has a horror theme, with images of the roller with a house and the title character. It also has a wolf and a victim, who is horrified by the Vampire Vixen. Bonuses aside, this slot game is excellent for its clever use of animation, and sound. You can see the Vixen pull out the bloody teeth, hear the howl of the wolf and the victim afraid.

Always go for the best of the best. So why not bring this attitude to the choice of the slot game? The best slot games are of high quality, high rating, substantial winnings and a whole package attractive. So, look around and choose the best slot game there is.

Places to play slot machines in Italy

So, you’ve eaten a plate of pasta with parmesan, romantic moments you spent in Venice and saw the Mona Lisa. You turned the museums, have you seen the landscape and have enjoyed a relaxing cup of coffee in the city alive and vibrant. Is there anything else that you can do in this wonderful country that is Italy? How about playing slots?

Slot machines have become a recent trend emerging in the country. Since the dawn of casinos in 1700 and the evolution of the casinos as a result, slot machines are now a staple not only in casinos but also in tobacco shops and bars. They have become a great help to casinos, online casinos and the government, especially the AAMD (Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies). Government regulation on gambling has helped to stabilize the network in the industry and because of this, slot machines have become more popular than others casino games in which they appear. The reports say that the gaming industry has made billions by betting, most of which comes from slot machines. This makes the slot machine of helpers in producing money. Fortunately, slot machines have never reminded nobody of the Mafia in the mind.

But because slot machines are so popular now? Why have climbed the peak of popularity in the index? Here are some reasons:

1.       They are convenient, residents and tourists can afford it

This may be one reason that best explains why. Slot machines, called the New Slot In Italia require to play only 1 Euro. Whether you’re broke and you only have 1 euro or whether they are economically well off and want to try playing the new slots are for those who want a taste of the atmosphere that is created around the slot machines. Of course, if you’re trying to play the slot machines in some of the places listed in this guide, you’ll need more than 1 euro or you will not get anything.

2.       Pumps are installed in most tobacconists and bars.

Now, with the constraint of casinos in Italy, the Italian business owners install slot machines in their bars and tobacconists. Now, with this configuration, customers can play a slot machine in the comfort of their free time. Want to take a break in laTorrediPisa visit? While relaxing under the sun? The slot machine is there available at any time (except for closing).

3.       The online slot games make it even more convenient


Italy has also established some online casinos so it makes sense that the slot games are also included. If you are lazy in playing your favorite game of slots in a bar, then go to the computer. Even the physical casinos have luck on their online casinos to attract more players to try their games.

4.       AAMD it is increasing the number

Thanks to the positive results from the slot machines, AAMD is making a step further and now we are installing more and more each passing year. They also put in slot machines updated modules that also include the lottery. This gives people more choice on which to play when they want to play slot games. This meets the demand of slot games at the national level.

5.       Even casinos are increasing the slot machines.

With the AAMD already in motion, are not abandoning the casinos themselves. Are also moving to increase the number of slot machines at their stations.

It’s no wonder that slot machines are so popular. Slot machines are proof that even during the financial crisis, Italy can still go ahead. Although slot machines are popular in bars and tobacco, those that give you a much greater victory are the slot machines located in casinos.

So with these things in mind, what are the places to play slots In Italia? Here are the places to go In Italia to play the slot machines:

1.       The Casino de la Vallée

Located on Via Italo Mus, Valle d’Aosta, Saint Vincent, Italy. This casino has a wide range of casino games for the tourist. Known as the largest casino in the country, the casino offers 512 slot games casino. The slot games are of high quality and jackpot prizes are truly remarkable. They also have promotions and bonuses to players. This is definitely a place for the slot player.

2.       The New Casino of Campione (ex Casino Municipale di Campione d’Italy)

Located in Campione d’Italy, Italy. This casino, although it is not as big as the Casino de la Vallée, has a significant amount of slot games to offer. Unlike other casino In Italia, this is international, so even those who do not speak Italian can play slots without getting confused. And besides, you can visit their website for a virtual tour of their casino. This should give you an idea of what kind of slot games have in Serbia for you.

3.       Sanremo Casino (formerly Casino Municipale di Sanremo)

Located aSanremo, Italy. This Italian casino has twice the slot machines featured in Campion of Italy that makes it a really popular for slot player who is trying qulacosa more. And do not worry, this casino has a regular orchestra music just for your pleasure. I do not like rock and roll, more on the violin, the flute, the saxophone in general. Expect to find the opera music in the background while you play with your slot games.


4.       Casino Municipale di Venezia

You have finished making your romantic holiday on the canal? Go to Venice. This casino was the first casino founded inItalianel 1638. Still retains the record in history as one of the oldest casinos in the city built on water. It’s gone through several versions but still has that magical feeling than once. Even if it has the same amount of slots as other casinos, this casino will find the quality. Equipped with the latest technology, slot machines are remarkable in terms of performance. This is definitely the place to go after a long journey in the waters diVenezia. This casino has been divided into two branches called:

4.1   Casino of Venice – Ca ‘Vendramin

Located on the Grand Canal aVenezia, this casino, the Casino of Venice, has a floor dedicated to slot games and was opened in the spring of 2007. Since then it has been a popular meeting point for tourists slots player aVenezia, along with its branch Ca ‘Noghera.

4.2   Casino of Venice – Ca ‘Noghera

Built close to the airport Marco Polo, this is one of the American-style casino In Italia. From the entrance to the inside, you’ll see that is an American thanks to its simple design and in general because of the atmosphere we breathe Americana. It contains different types of slot games including those at 3 and 5 reel, progressives, pay lines, multipliers and slots games themed movies such as Jaws and Indiana Jones. If you feel homesick, Noghera inItaliati make you feel as if you were at home.

5.        Casinos Online

If you can not find the desired slot game in physical casinos, then you can try the casino online.L ‘Italiaha also benefited from the activities of online casinos, so take a look online. Many websites rank the best slot machines and casinos to keep you entertained. And as the Casino Campione d’Italy, the physical casinos offer a virtual tour of its own casino. It’s like going around the shops before you buy, you’re checking first, the one on which you are about to invest to make sure that it’s worth it. If you do not like what you see, you can leave it alone. But if you like what you see, buy it. You can start accessing the online casinos and games through your laptop (if you have one) or through a computer store.

6.       Tobacco and bars

More and more people are In Italia, and more and more people are seeing the birth of slot machines in bars. As mentioned earlier, slot machines are now installed in bars and tobacconists. If you’re looking to get something more out of your 1 euro coin or you just want to try, the bars are the place to go. But unlike slot machines offered in the casino, the odds of winning with these are extremely low when you consider that they do not offer a very high jackpots like slot machines in the casino. This is only for beginners or for those who simply want groped his luck with 1 Euro.


These are the places where to play the Slot Machine casino in Italy You, tobacconists, bars and internet. With so many places to go to, you choose your game affaticarai in the desired slot. You’ll never run out of options because your choices are right there in front of you. But whatever suits you, always remember to have fun. And remember that also contributes to Italy: have sprouted everywhere in the country and there is no sign of stopping. Just one euro to play. Have fun with playing slots!


Free Slot Machines

It is said, like a cliché, the best things in life are free. There are free samples of ice cream, free handouts, free upgrades and free internet connections. It is the same for slot machines? The answer is yes. There are slot machines for free. Just know where to look.

When you play in casinos (in person), you must have coins to play the slot machines. If you do not have money, then you can not play. But when you have money, you risk losing them. At times, slot machines do not behave well with you. They can be unfair. Sometimes they play honestly, but sometimes they do not. They can suck, but this is the truth. The fortune of the people is never the same. You can win millions and then a minute later, you will lose millions.

That’s where the free slot machines come into play. With a free slot machine, there is no need to have real coins to play and there is no need to spend money to get coins. The only thing you need is time and internet.

In many ways, slot machines free slot machines are better than physical. Why? Here are some reasons:

1.       É online

These days, anyone can surf the Internet. Whatever you want, videos of Madonna, an article on how to win at the casino or how to fix your own car, the Internet is a vast sea of information at your fingertips. Many casinos provide their own slot machines online to reach a wider audience. If the casino can not physically make money, then points to reach virtually. It has become a trend evolving in recent years.

2.       There are practical games

If you are just a beginner, slot machines for free are perfect for you. Searching on Google “free slot machine” will provide different results of websites that offer free slot machine. Some are prototypes, some are full games and some are just for fun. The best part is as follows: loans are free. You’ll start with one and as you go on with the game, accumulate credits until you have enough bankroll to transfer it to your account. But remember: the credits are not redeemable for cash (although there are a few places that allow the conversion. This will be done at a later time)

3.        Learn the art of slot machines

Following No. 2, you will know how a slot machine works. After all, free online slot machines have been designed after their physical counterparts so whatever operation it will also have the physical and virtual. Even if you fail 100 times, you will know, however, how a slot machine. And do not worry if you do not like a game, there are many to choose from online, then choose and play with the highest number possible. You’ll eventually find what you want.

4.       Do not meet a lot of people you do not like

It may not happen, but in some cases, people are uncomfortable encounters with other people when they play at the casino in person. What happens if you win the jackpot, but someone said that you stole it? This can lead to a fight and a night in jail. But when you play online, or winning the jackpot that you get will be yours. There is no one to slap in the face when you win. Just make sure you do not kiss on the computer monitor.

5.       You have a wide variety of slot games to choose from

If you are tired of the slot machine, you can try the Slot Slot Machine 3D Movie theme. They not only add value to a slot machine, but they have bonus rounds that are not found in ordinary slot machines. The slot machine with the film Jaws theme has a bonus round where you have to find Jaws playing “hide-and-seek.” Do not worry, it will not bite. And also, these slot games also have a history focused on the theme that not only provide you with new experiences but also make you feel the experience.

6.       É risk-free … if you are not using your own money

If you follow No. 2 and 3 will be free from risks. If you try the high risk Buy-A-Pay online or progressive, are risk-free because you’ll get free credit. You can try these games as much as you want until you actually do not win. But it is risk-free … if you are not using your own money So do not jump for joy if you win the jackpot. You’re just betting with free credit,

7.       No queues

You know how annoying it is when you find your favorite slot machine but you discover that there are other people who are already monopolizing? With online slot machines, there is no longer the tail. You can play at your leisure. But now a new problem arises: TU monopolize the computer. Unless you are the sole owner of the game, you better be careful if you are you are becoming the monopolist.

8.       The convenience of playing everywhere

You knew this was coming; you can play anywhere you want. You can play at your home, at your desk, in your bathroom, the public park, on the beach or at the North Pole. You have the ability to play anywhere. If you have an hour break, play the games. If tomorrow I have an appointment with the dentist, take the time to play. Be the master of the slot machine in no time.

9.       Some slot machines offer a free service that turns your cash credit

If you find free slot machine right for you, you will have the ability to turn free credits in cash. It is a matter of finding that game. But it is to be considered only if you plan to upgrade your method of play in real money.

10.   You can have a friend with whom to learn

Why play alone when you can have someone who learns with you? The time spent with the slot machine is not mandatory to pass on their own. With someone, you’ll not only have fun with that person, but can also work as a team. Combine your strategy and luck, it is a key to winning anything you want to win.

11.   You have the option to download the game if you have this option slots

If you cannot access the Internet, then you can download the game slot, depending on whether or not to have that option. If you have the download option, then you have the convenience to download it and play with it even when there is a blackout. And you can always pause and play at a later time, which makes it better than the physical slot machine. The casinos do not allow you to physically take their slot machine at home, so the only option you have is to download an online slot game.

Now that you know the reasons, here is a list of sites that have slot games that are absolutely free:

Web Sites

William Hill Casino

This site offers a large amount of free slot machines. The slot games are of very high quality, they are able to compete with the sites previously mentioned and lets you practice slots generic. They have a very nice design with the themed slot machine in NY, a slot machine with a theme of cherries and a slot machine with a safari theme.

888 Casino

The casino offers 888 3-reel slots, 5 reel slots Vegas to try. I’m still of the generic type, but it is a fun way to pass the time.

Party Casino (Section Games Slot)

PartyCasino has an extensive list of slot games and has a higher quality than some other online casino slot games. They have great visual impact and the sound is excellent.

With so many reasons to venture into the world of free slot machine is not something to be afraid of. You have the convenience, choice and freedom. Maybe you can not play with real money, but the free slot machines allow you to learn the workings of these games that will help you when you decide to do an upgrade and go for gold. So go ahead and look for a slot game for free.



Different types of online slots and their strategies

If you are tired of going back and forth to play slots at the casino, you can now try to play on your computer. Online slot machines offer the convenience of groped his luck with the comfort of your own home, your office or your place of relaxation.

The first time you try to go online, you will notice that there are websites that offer different games of slots. You’ll see some sites with fruits on their slots, some others with the Statue of Liberty and some with a button to press. With so many slot games to play with, how do you know which games are there and what are you going to play?

A type of slot machine

A type of progressive slot machine is which ones. The game offers great progressive slot jackpots, bigger than others. It can be a life changing event if you can win the jackpot. The are a group of progressive slot machine, grouped together and each time the players put their money in the game, the machine takes a percentage of all money inserted and adds it to the jackpot. It’s like playing poker, the more money you put in the pot plus the winnings is raised. The progressive jackpot grows and grows until someone wins it. But beware, not all progressives are the same. Some progressive have a lower return than other games because you can not tell if someone has put the money in the game and some have a progressive return high because they are linked to other games on other websites.

Another type is the 3 reel slot machine. This you know, is the most common type of slot game. Whether in the movies TV shows, you’ve seen players who play this kind of game in the world. There are many varieties of those 3 rollers everywhere, you will see fruit rollers, rollers of money and many other rollers. But the goal is the same: you have to align the three symbols of any kind (whether it is the symbol of the banana or the dollar) to get a better victory. Like its physical counterpart, you win credits if you fail to align at least 2 images.

Another type of slot machine is a 5 reel. It’s like a 3-reel, but, of course, has 5 reels instead of 3. The goal is as with the one with the 3 reel, but now you have a chance to play at the highest risk with this type of game because of the 5 reels. You will need a huge amount of luck to win this. Unlike the 3-reel, 5-reel that pays money if you fail to align at least 2-4 images. I do not need to be aligned in a row, but it can be a part of an image or two images separately. The game also pays for the images are aligned. Some 5-reel mostrarano also a colored line indicating the image and where the same picture is on the next line.

Another type is the game Multiple Payline. Here you can choose a payline that pays a certain amount if the line up in the correct manner (say, $ 1,000 or $ 500). But beware: if you end up with a winning amount in a payline that was not chosen, you will not receive the payout.

Then we have the Multiplier. There are various types of this, but basically, when aligning a certain symbol, the game pays a specified amount attached to the symbol. So if 3 symbols cherry pay 10 coins per coin bet, then you’ll get 20 coins for the second coin and 30 for the third coin. Another variety is the Multiplier Bonus Multiplier. It’s like the Multiplier, but when you win the jackpot, you will get a big bonus for the win. In some games, your money you can win 1,000 coins more.

And finally, another type of game is the Buy-a-Pay. How many websites point out, is the most misunderstood slot machines. Why? Why is it necessary to pay the maximum amount of coins to win the jackpot. Even if you won the jackpot with a coin, you will not win anything. You will be paid only by a symbol. It is a high-risk game, so be sure to be ready to sacrifice a few coins if you play this game.

Now that you know the types of slot machines, how can you be able to win these games? You’ll need a strategy to win in every game. It is not just to bet your credits with a light heart, you need to have a plan on how they use their credits to maximize your chances.

For the progressive, you must set aside a sum to play. Remember that you need to choose their progressive as some pay little or a lot depending on how many people have played. You will know the maximum premium you’re looking to get the meter on both sides of the right and left of the game. Consider the type of progressive with whom you are going to bet, play with those that are Stand Alone (Progressive means that the game is not tied to anything, but only to its own website) and the In-House (meaning that the game is linked to the progression of other games but it is still owned by the original site).

For 3-reel and 5-reel, you have to keep your bets low to stay in the game, but at the same time we must aim to win a reasonable return. Bet it all just gives poor returns, but betting too little will slow you down. A common strategy is to put a certain amount of credit on each round and when you earn more credit, you can increase your bet slowly. By the time if you have a large amount you can bet more, without worrying about missing an important part. But always consider to split the victories in the same way. Also, if you have a large amount of credit, the maximum bet in a wheel for the first prize.

For Multipliers

For Multipliers, it is better to play one coin at a time. You need to build your bankroll, if you plan to play for the jackpot. How have you built your bankroll, you can add a second and a third coin, if you feel confident.

For Multiple Paylines, you have to rely mainly on luck. You can not say which payline will give you the best amount then try to choose 1-3 lines where you feel good and choose a different line for each episode. So this way, you will have a chance to get the best value in each payline.

For the game Buy-A-Pay, you must make sure you are willing to risk their own coins to win the jackpot. To maximize your winnings, you have to build a considerable amount of your bankroll before groped to play this game.

Finally, this applies to all slot games – quit when you’re ahead. Just like when you play at the casino, you should know that even in the digital slot games you need to stop when you think you have had much luck. Whatever you have learned with the real slot games slot games can be applied to digital. If you’ve got what you need, stop and keep your winnings.

Remember that you are playing online. It’s free and you have nothing to risk. You can try all these games as much as you want. You took the time to study what works and what does not work. Choose the one that works best for you and stay with that. Whether you’re on vacation, at work (make sure that your boss does not know), whether at home or anywhere in the world, you have convenience to play these games. But if you play it, you can also sign up officially for the online casino and gamble your money away. It will really be like in a casino. Be careful when you sign up at an online casino, some are scam sites. Nose around in your information without you even knowing it, and some research before you sign up.

This concludes the guide to the different slot games and their strategies. Whatever game you choose to play slots, remember to make a good amount of bankroll, have some confidence and good luck. You’ll never know if you win or lose the jackpot until you try to play.