Privacy Policy

ONLINE GAMBLING will never obligate or force its users to provide it with any of their private and personal information. Any information that ONLINE GAMBLING stores have to be given willingly by the users. Therefore, the website will never accept to store or gather any information that is not given by the users themselves.

The information can be gathered through three ways. The first one is the sign up form or the registration form. This form will have to be filled by the users before they can create their account at the website. The information that they will provide in this sign up form include their full name, address, e-mail address, user name among other information. The users will also be required to provide ONLINE GAMBLING with additional data if they plan to purchase a service or a product. This data includes their billing address, banking information and Credit Card info. The other two ways are the surveys and the polls that ONLINE GAMBLING can occasionally hold. The users have the choice to take them or not to take them.

All of the information that the users supply are stored and protected with state of the art protection systems and encryption systems that prevent hackers and thieves from accessing it. This database will not be sold to any external websites or third parties at any cost. It will only be viewed by the partners and the affiliates of ONLINE GAMBLING in order for the website to provide its users with technical support among other services. The website will also be obligated according to the law to reveal any of the private information of any of its users to legal authorities that approach the website with a legal warrant.

Any content that the users upload can be edited or removed at the discretion of the website.

Terms of Service:

– ONLINE GAMBLING does not use cookies in any form but other external websites can. The website will provide its customers with different links that are going to take them to other websites that might use cookies and might offer abusive content. ONLINE GAMBLING is not responsible for its users once they click on any of the links and head to other websites.

– ONLINE GAMBLING offers its users plenty of content. This content exists in order to help the users with their research and all of that content belongs to the website. Therefore, the website can add to it or remove it and even alter it at any time without any prior notifications to the users. The website can also publish certain content for external websites in exchange of money. Such content can include casino reviews & casino articles.

– ONLINE GAMBLING offers its services to people from around the world, this is why each user has to check his jurisdiction’s regulations and laws regarding what ONLINE GAMBLING has to offer. It is not the responsibility of the website to abide and check the laws of each jurisdiction or country.

-All of the terms on this page can be alerted without any notifications or announcements to ONLINE GAMBLING’s users. The management of the website can alter a few terms, delete entire terms and add new ones at its own discretion. The users will not be notified before or after the alteration takes place.

– Once the users open the pages of the website in order to view any of the content, use any of the services or purchase any of the products, it means that they are approving of all of the above mentioned service terms without any objections whatsoever.