The Start of Online Gambling

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Online Gambling is something quite new that came with the internet. Now it is posiple to play blackjack online, or you can even go to a online casino and still play at home. Online gambling has been growing a lot last years and is one of the featest growing online industries. There are way over 1000 online casinos and with a total of over 5000 gambling sites on the internet. The newest hot thing in gambling online is poker.

Online Poker

Poker has become huge around the would and millions of players play on the net and gamble every single day. There are big tournament online and huge money prices. In US it is not legal  to online gamble so it is always a good idea to read ones countries rules and state rules – however in europe online gambling is growing more and more as more EU countries legalize gambling online.

A lot has happen since the starting of online gambling

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Online gambling and video poker

Internet gambling has been growing rapidly and it is considered one of the fastest growing markets in the world. In this market, one of the most popular and famous games is video poker. If you are not a fan of video poker and didn’t try it before, keep reading to know more about it and then try it out.

How to play video poker

Once you engage the video poker machine, you will be dealt a poker hand. After you are dealt you should decide whether you want to keep them or discard them. If you choose to discard them, the machine will take them and give you new cards. This hand will then be measured with a poker hand scale.

Detailed step by step guide

The screen is divided into 3 parts. The first one is for the poker cards, the second is for the payouts and the last one is for the logo of the game. Right below the section that holds the playing cards you will find a number of clickable buttons. These buttons is the way that enables you to choose your desired wagers and stakes. You can either choose one of the fixed stake amount or you can use the plus & minus button to customize the amount of your wager. After you choose the stakes, you will click on the deal button to initiate the game. After you are dealt the cards, you can either click on Hold or Deal. You can choose to hold either card by clicking on the Hold button under the desired card. After making that selection you click on deal so the dealer will give you a new card to replace the card you didn’t hold.  Then according to the strength of your final hand you will be awarded the suitable payout.

Free Video Poker

The popularity of video poker has been on the rise since it was introduced into the world of online gambling as many people appreciate this colorful and brighter version of the traditional poker game. Hundreds of new video poker games are being released each day due to its popularity. New video poker games are being released frequently that it became very hard to follow them all or to keep them tracked. Almost every software developer has a huge number of video poker games to offer to its players.

This is the reason that most if not all of the casinos and software developers have made it very easy for players to try their video poker games. Video poker is free to play, doesn’t require any deposits or real money and it doesn’t require you to download anything. All you have to do is click on it and start enjoying it as many times as you want. It is advised that you check out the free video poker games that are developed and provided by good software developers such as RGT, Betsoft, NetEntertainment, Playtech and Microgaming. These mentioned developers offer a wide variety of high quality video poker games that are free to play and do not require any download.

Of course after you have tried the free version of video poker, most of the developers have real cash version of the game so you can start wagering with real money.

Gambling Terminology

Players who are looking forward to trying online gambling for the first time may be in for a surprise. They will notice that online gamblers use specific abbreviations, slang and terms that might not make sense to new players as well as some of the more common terms that online players use. This is why they will have to know these terms so they can talk, chat and interact with other online gamblers and online poker players. So if you are a new player, you should keep reading because you will find the common terms that are used as well as terms that are related to poker, online casino multiplayer action & sports betting.

Common Internet Terms

These terms can be used anywhere, this includes casual chats, poker rooms, casinos and more. They are essential for any online player.

LOL: Before explaining what it means, you have to know that the online community tends to overstate everything. LOL indicates laughter as it is short for “Laughing Out Loud”.

BRB: “Be Right Back”. It is what players say when they have to go fetch a drink or something to eat.

AFK: It is short for “Away From the Keyboard”. It serves the same purpose as BRB.

ROFL: It shows that players are losing control over themselves because of the laughter, as it is short to Rolling on the Floor Laughing. In reality, players are laughing while sitting on their chair but as mentioned, online players tend to overstate their condition.

LMAO: It is yet another term that indicates enjoyment and laughter. It is short for the sentence “Laughing My A** Out”.

ROFLMAO: It mixes the previous two terms into one, which translates to Rolling on the Floor Laughing My A** Out.

WTH:  It indicates surprise or shock. It is short for “What the Heck” and sometimes it is short for “What The Hell”. There is another derivative of it which is WTF, it stands for “What the F***”

WTG: It is a term used to encourage other players. It is short for the sentence “Way To Go”.

OMG: It shows surprise and shock like WTH. It translates to Oh My God.

GTG: Players type GTG when they “Got to Go”.  Sometimes it always refers to “good to go”.

WB: It is used by players to welcome players back. It is short for “Welcome Back”.

TY: Players say it to thank other players. It is an abbreviation for Thank You.

NP: “No Problem”

Gambling Terms

Here are some of the more commonly used abbreviations for online poker, online gambling and sports betting terms.

Poker Terms:

GG: It is used after the end of a game or a poker hand, it shows respect for other players. It is an abbreviation for “Good Game”.

B / C: It refers to Bet and Call any Raise. Players who B / C usually has a strong poker hand or pocket cards.

B / F: The exact opposite of the previous term. It refers to Bet and Fold to any Raise.

BR: It refers to the player’s Bankroll. The bankroll is the money that players have in their possession.

CK: It stands for Check. Checking in poker means to pass the turn without raising or folding.

DP: It is one of the many versions of poker, “Draw Poker”.

HE: It is another version of poker, which is “Hold’ EM Poker”.

MTT: It is an abbreviation for Multi Table Tournaments. They are tournaments that involve more than 1 poker table.

STT: It is an abbreviation for Single Table Tournaments. They are tournaments that involve 1 poker table only.

NH: An abbreviation for “Nice Hand”. Players say that at the end of a good poker round, it is said to the winner.

NT: “Nice Try”. It is said at the end of a good poker round but this one is said to the loser as he tried but lost.

PF: It stands for Pre Flop, which means anything that takes place before the flop cards are on the table. For example, PFR which stands for Pre Flop Raiser, it refers to a player who raised before the flop’s 3 cards are on the table.

PL: “Pot Limit”. It stands for the limit of the pot.

Sports Betting Terms:

The Action: It refers to the bet or the money that players risk on a game.

ATS: It stands for Against the Spread.

Bad Beat: It is when players suffer from a devastating loss.

Beef: A problem or a dispute.

Bet Limit: It refers to the maximum amount of money that can be placed on a certain bet.

Bookmaker or Bookie: It is a term used to describe the establishment or the person that accepts wagers on sporting events.

Chalk: It refers to the favorite. The favorite is the team or the horse that is most likely going to win.

Chalk Eater: It is the gambler who always places his wagers on the favorite.

Even Money: It refers to the bets that pay one to one.

Exotic Bet: It is a term used to describe any bets other than straight & parlay bets.

Figure: It is the money that is owed by players to the bookie and the other way around.

Home Field Advantage: It refers to the advantage that teams have when they play in their home stadium or field. This advantage is a result of the support of the fans and the negative effects of traveling on the opponent.

First Half Wager: It refers to bets that are determined according to the result of the first half rather than the full match.

Stiff: It is a player who never pays his debts to bookies or other players.

Off the Board: It is a term that describes matches or sporting events that are not covered at the bookie.

Firing: It is when gamblers place large sums on a lot of wagers.

Straight Bet: It is a kind of bet where players select the final winner of the match or the race.

Score: It is when players score a big win from a bet on a match or any other sporting event.